The Elephants Hostels Bratislava

If you’re interested in experiencing hostel life in Eastern Europe, learning the ins and outs of hospitality while having loads of fun, and meeting tons of amazing people from all over the world, this is your place! We run 2 fun and social hostels in the heart of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

Currently looking for volunteers mainly to help us with reception, bar, and organizing various activities.

Our places are well-balanced backpacker's/party hostels. One more party, one more chill.

Ways how to make extra cash:
1. Cooking - We give you 15EUR. Then you go shopping. It’s up to you how much you spend if it’s over 10EUR it’s no problem and very encouraged because then you are cooking for approx. 10-40 guests plus volunteers. Guests are paying 5EUR. So in the worst case, you cover your expenses and make people happy. In another scenario, you could make 30 to 80EUR extra (excluding what you invested to shop for ingredients.)

2. Pub Crawl - Not only that you can learn how to lead a hoard of drunk people (worse than a school group in elementary school) but we pay you 1EUR per person who joins (in Drunken Dollars, our hostel currency). If you are really motivated and get most of the possible 270 guests we may have (depends on which hostel you are placed in) you can not only drink for free and get to know (sometimes VERY personally) interesting sexy guests and earn some extra bucks on top of that.

3. By really caring about the hostel and doing extra work and being able to stay more than 3 months. We are not blind (always checking) and if it is persistent and last for more than a few weeks we always offer reception only work that is paid and you will be responsible for checking the cleanliness (and giving a shit in general) of volunteers work that has to be done instead of doing it only by yourself... but most importantly to make sure the volunteers pay very close attention to guests (and by that we don’t mean only those you are sexually interested in :) ).

4. By asking us to work more hours. We always have more stuff to do, so if you feel like it we can pay you 5EUR an hour for every hour over 25h

We have a team of about 8+ volunteers and 2-3 paid "volunteers"(each hostel) at a time which is constantly changing so feel free to contact us at any time.

First please tell us about yourself and about your motivation to volunteer for us because we have many applicants so please make it short and right on the point ;) (essays of 1000+ words are also accepted but not sure we have time to read them. Also, please include the 🐘 in it if you have read so far :D )

We do not accept couples, but we do accept couples of friends.

Despite the fact that the work has to be properly done, you will have a great time here and meet a bunch of cool people during your stay, learn new skills and experience yet unexperienced situations.

We have around 10 volunteers at a time in each hostel, who do housekeeping and reception work besides running tours and group activities or cook dinners in a good balance. The management is also built up from volunteers who stay here for longer.

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It was my first volunteering experience and I couldn't ask for anything better, I had fun every single day between pub crawls, river parties and daily activities together with other volunteers and guests from all over the world. The work is doable but if you also want to do activities and participate in parties you will have to be a person with a lot of energy

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I had an amazing month with the Elephants hostels. The work is nice and straight forward and all explained really well by the managers. Lots of cool things to do so you’ll never be bored here and the parties are really fun! Cool people and a lot of free alcohol and the stuff you do pay for is cheap anyway. Provided with plenty of food too so you can live. If you enjoy cooking then it’s perfect here as a great incentive to earn some extra cash. Special thank you to Thijs for all the help and also the understanding when I wasn’t feeling very well.
Can’t wait to come back again !!

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The hostel has made a city that meant little to me into a home that I'm very sure I'll return to. It is true that to be a volunteer in a party hostel you need to have an specific type of personality, working without having slept much because you spent the night partying and having to socialize because you literally share a room with even 20 other volunteers and also meeting guest can be tiring for some people but for me has been a turning point in my life. This experience taught me responsibility and sense of community like no other. One of the best decisions I've taken. Thank you.

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I loved this hostel and all the amazing people I met! It was exactly what I wanted an amazing different place and a full on social, exciting experience.
Just make sure you’re willing to work hard, socialise and have lots of fun if you want to enjoy this volunteering opportunity.

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Wild elephants was definitely an experience that you need to be prepared for! It was loads of fun and lots of opportunities to do different things and challenge yourself. Some weeks I worked over the agreed hours which was frustrating. It was also a shame the management felt they needed to threaten volunteers for the work to be done properly. The works fairly easy to get around but is manual work. I completely understand and respect why the hostel has such high standards of cleanliness, so you definitely need to get behind it for the job! I loved Bratislava and would go back!!

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