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This is a dream job location for many volunteers. Help out running a small community movie theater in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where mostly the local expatriates and tourists come and enjoy our air-conditioned venue for a necessary cinematic escape as we screen the better films on the big screen. We have availability RIGHT NOW. MINIMUM AVAILABILITY: 2-3 weeks (Please know we do not accept applications for over 2 months from now as MOST volunteers (!) that we schedule in very far ahead end up in last-minute cancellations, making us go boo-ho).) Our community movie theater in Phnom Penh is one little uber-comfortable little movie cinema, where local expatriates and visiting tourists escape from the bustling city, the heat or rain and enter a magical place to enjoy the blockbusters, film festival winners and documentaries on the big screen with air-conditioned awesomeness. While sitting on comfy rattan sofas or lying on recliners or comfy cushions. This movie venue is like a movie theater from the old-era, where it's about the customer's experience and the love for good movies and the community feeling that comes with that. The movie theater is fully volunteer-run and needs your help with the daily running of opening and closing, tickets, making popcorn, drinks sales and screening the movies (notice: all digital). The movie theater (we shall not mention the name here) is the most popular in Phnom Penh, a comfy setup with an air-conditioned bar, outside terrace in an original and very basic Cambodian villa in the residential area of Tuol Sleng/BKK3, two blocks east from the infamous Tuol Sleng S21 Genocide Museum. The movie room seats a max of 32 people. Volunteers are in full management at this venue, running the bar and movie theater in the afternoons and evenings and rotating with each other. The full staff consists of volunteers from all over the world who all share the apartment below the movie theater in an open-minded atmosphere. Everybody has his/her own private bedroom (!) with a fan and we all share the kitchen and bathroom. The movie theater is managed (mostly) remotely by Ramon (originating from The Netherlands) who also travels a lot abroad. If he's not around you'll be happily received by the current (long term) volunteers and have a great time at this place! **** For many residents of Phnom Penh going to our movie theater is a necessary escape from the dusty city and the work they perform. With intelligence, culture and societal happiness diminished due to a genocide that killed over 3 million people in Cambodia only 40 years ago, ANYTHING cultural opens up people's hearts, eyes, and minds - especially if you are deprived of it in Phnom Penh. Be part of a growing community of people who enjoy going to the cinemas, who love to emerge with likewise movie lovers in a country that has seen the worst of its region in time. Like many people who went before you, you will be enjoying the atmospheres and humbled by the friendliness of the people. HOWEVER... Do know that Phnom Penh is in a tropical climate country, but don't expect palm trees lining up the road as you are in perfect paradise, with fresh fruit on the trees and daily yoga with the entire neighborhood... They are building sky scrapers at every corner nowadays. We have had some volunteers arriving and discovering it can sometimes be a hot, dusty city with crazy traffic (Italians drive worse, though) and totally not what they expected it to be ("I don't seem to be a city person") or never thought about the climate ("Sorry, I did not know it would be this hot."). These volunteers leave within a few days and that's never fun nor supporting the business. Please do a little bit of research about this capital city of Cambodia, IT IS A BIG CITY, which we truly love, but it might not suit everybody... ***** In return for your help we can offer you: - a private fan room in the 4-bedroom apartment below the movie theater - an amazing shared modern kitchen - shared bathroom - fiber-optic high-speed Wi-Fi; - free bicycles to get around town (reconsider this job if you can't cycle a bike - this is NOT a walking city!!) - free drinks, as long as you don't drink a full tray of beer per day :-p - flexible volunteering times (weekdays we open the theater from 2pm until 11ish, on weekends with kids sessions from 10am - but it's never about running the bar non-stop!) ***** Please DO NOT APPLY if: - if you are easily bored and don't know what to do in between movies...; - if you are broke and homeless and just need a place to stay ("wow, free beer!") - you prefer to party every night and sleep in until late afternoon (no fun to share a house with); - if you enjoy using drugs (any drugs): we handle a zero tolerance for drug use (yes, any!); - if you have major issues with people being nice, welcoming, chill, open-minded and even some nudists in the house; - if you are allergic to cats; we foster quite a few at the house. In any of these cases, a volunteer is not considerate to others and will not be supporting the business. Be sure to read the Feedback here on Workaway, left by many other volunteers, who loved the experience. We do not accept walk-ins or people that sleep in front of our gates, desperate for a volunteer spot. Yes, this happens MONTHLY, but we prefer to communicate with people that have an online profile on this platform. INFORMATION ABOUT VISAS FOR CAMBODIA If you travel into Cambodia overland you can only get a Tourist Visa ($25), if you fly into Cambodia through one of the international airports you can apply for the Business Visa ($35) too. Both visas are valid for one month. A Tourist Visa can be extended after 30 days for another 30 days and $45 payment, after that you need to leave the country again. Business Visa can be extended for one more month and again and again after, once you can prove you have a job or run a business (work permit necessary). If you apply for an e-visa online (and only via as the other websites are frauds...) you can only get a 30-days Tourist Visa.

Ramon has been running The Flicks in Phnom Penh for over 10 years with volunteers from all over the world. It's great to experience the connection this makes with our visiting guests, who are from all over the local expat community.

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