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Hey everybody, let me tell you about this place a bit. This hostel is open for few years already, but unfortunately a period of poor management led to a downturn in reviews. We are building a new team with the goal of reinventing this place. We aim to create friendly atmosphere, to offer clean and comfortable stay for all guests as well as to offer them advice on how to have the best experience possible when they visit Edinburgh. We need people who are ready to accept this challenge and help us out! PS: For us diversity and inclusion are extremely important, be it equality, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality. We take this in consideration in our volunteering. More information, follow us on instagram @thehosteledi

Alison Klener - The Hostel Edinburgh Leader (on vacation currently! See below for temporary leader bio :)) My Role: I was recently hired as a leader in The Hostel. I am very motivated at the moment to improve the hostel and that is why I am looking for hardworking and enthusiastic people to join my magical team. Bio: Guided by the values of Love, Service and Gratitude, and with the purpose of awakening consciousness and combating inequality, Alison Klener unites the two worlds in the service of a new consciousness, of which we are all ONE 🕉 The first NGO I worked in Brazil I was only 8 years old. In the last 15 years I have worked in Brazil and around the world in combating inequality. Álison Klener is a mobilizer of Networks in favor of causes, and acts as an Introducer. Started acting with social entrepreneurship since childhood. He has more than 15 years of experience leading several collectives in Brazil and internationally, where she has passed through more than 30 countries. Co-founder of Social Business Alavanca Educacional, recognized by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Prof. Muhammed Yunus, as one of the projects that can change education in the world. For this highlight, he was selected as a young leader by the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper, having been a fellow of the community for 8 years. He also represented the Brazilian Delegation at the Nobel Peace Prize in Colombia, meeting 30 Nobel Peace Prize winners. He represented the Brazilian Delegation at the UN, with a speech space to defend the Amazon at the United Nations headquarters, at the Nexus Global Summit in New York, an event that articulates international philanthropy for social entrepreneurship in the world, being Outreach Ambassador representing the Nexus in Brazil for 4 years . With passage through the Brazilian Government to reduce inequalities and leading international organizations in this agenda, he currently works as a strategic social impact consultant and Introducer (as a Digital Nômad). @alisonklener Adam Clune - The Hostel Edinburgh A/Leader Like Ali, I was recently brought in as a volunteer to this Hostel. Immediately I fell in love with the environment and atmosphere we were starting to create here. Originally only staying for 1 month, I have now been here 3 months and have taken on the position of Leader for at least the next month with the goal of continuing to improve this already amazing Hostel! I am an Australian former Mechanical Engineer, who quit his job to travel the world. I love learning, I love conversation and I love meeting people. I believe that a good Hostel encourages all of those things and much more, hence why I have fallen in love with this way of living and still find myself out here! Feel free to get in touch! @adam.clune

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The time I spend at the hostel was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.

I was able to grow as a person and meet so many interesting, open and lovely people there. I am very grateful for this experience and thankful to all the people, that I could get to know and who welcomed me with open arms. Soon the hostel became my home.☀️

I wish everyone all the best!
Thank you! ❤️

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Going to The Hostel was one of the best choices of my life. Everything that I wanted to live as a volunteer I lived here. Since the beginning, I was very welcomed and they made me feel at home. The Hostel is a magical place where all people are connected, each one helping and supporting each other. I made many friends, laughed a lot and lived unforgettable moments. The staff is wonderful and they’re always there to help us with everything. If you ever come to The Hostel, enjoy every moment, because you’re going to miss every second! Thank you so much for this opportunity ❤️

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Loved this hostel so much I came back to volunteer for a second time! The staff and guests truly turn into your family while volunteering here! Such a great experience. All of the tasks are straightforward and reasonable and leave you with plenty of time to go out and explore the amazing city. Highly recommend!

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There couldn't be a better place to start this adventure! Going through this experience was certainly a huge learning experience! I am very grateful! In a short time I created a great affection and love for everyone! I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for the whole team, who always gave support and had a lot of patience to teach!
I was able to make new friends, feel welcome and share... for sure all this atmosphere created in the hostel gives me a boost to keep going! Thank you all!!!! You certainly live in my heart ❤😍 see you around the world ✈ AMO VOCÊS

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My experience at The Hostel was amazing!
The staff is helpful and flexible with working hours and days off. Thanks to them, work never felt like actual work.
I felt at home as soon as I arrived. The people are friendly and warm. I discovered other cultures and practised many languages by talking and listening to guests and volunteers. It has helped me a lot to widen my view of the world while making new friends in the process.
I highly recommend it!

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