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Hey everybody, let me tell you about this place a bit.

This hostel has been open for a few years already, but unfortunately, a period of poor management led to a downturn in reviews. We are building a new team with the goal of reinventing this place. We aim to create a friendly atmosphere, to offer a clean and comfortable stay for all guests as well as to offer them advice on how to have the best experience possible when they visit Edinburgh. We need people who are ready to accept this challenge and help us out!

PS: For us, diversity and inclusion are extremely important, be it equality, gender, sexual orientation, race, or nationality. We take this into consideration in our volunteering.
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The Hostel Manager: Hello, I am Stephanie, the current manager (June 2023) of The Hostel, Edinburgh. A little bit about myself: I started out in The Hostel as a volunteer and during my time here I have done a bit of everything. After a little travel break, I was asked to come back and be Manager. I have worked in a variety of industries and jobs and have learnt from all of them. I believe in continued growth and learning and I know, that every experience and individual brings their own special element to the table. I have always believed in working and living with integrity as well as leaving both a place and its people better than you found them. Always driven to improve, I am looking for hardworking and enthusiastic people to join my magical team. Together we can continue to create an incredible and special environment and experience for all.

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Foi o meu primeiro voluntariado e foi incrível. O hostel tem pessoas extraordinárias, fica bem localizado e sempre muito bem organizado. Foi uma experiência sem igual! O trabalho do voluntário é muito tranquilo e rápido então você acaba tendo muito tempo para aproveitar a cidade. Sem dúvidas não conseguiria imaginar algo melhor!

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This was my first volunteering experience ever, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one ! The manager and staff immediatly makes you feel welcomed. They sometimes plan activities so it’s easy to get to know the other volunteers and the guests who come from all over the world. The shifts (changing beds/doing the laundry/cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen..) are not difficult and are done in a few hours so you can have free time to discover this lovely city, whose center is only a 25 mn walk from The Hostel.
I know that I will definitely come back to this place 😊

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The Hostel is an incredible place with a very comfortable atmosphere. The manager and staff are always attentive to the volunteers and always provide the best recommendations to get to know the city. I learned English in the 3 months I had. I loved the hostel, I hope to return one day.

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Volunteering at The Hostel was amazing, I felt really comfortable and welcomed by the staff and volunteers. Everyone was respectful of each other's privacy and personal space. The work was not heavy and almost all the shifts are done with others, so it was really easy and fun to do it as a team. They are always arranging events so we could spend more time together, for those who wanted. The accommodations are good and I have no complaints about it. Edinburgh is lovely and if you are a Café lover, like me, you'll have a big list of places to visit. Would definitely go back again. <3

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I couldn't have asked for a better first worldpackers hostel experience. The tasks at the Hostel were fairly simple but had to be taken seriously - bed changing, laundry, cleaning the common room, and occasionally maintenance of the kitchen and bathroom. I had enough time on working days to go around the town - cafe hopping, hiking, beach bonfires, ceilidh experience, etc and on week offs to take day trips. A big thank you to Stephanie and other volunteers for making the experience sooo amazing - not if, but when I return I can't wait to be back here. Edinburgh has my heart ❤️ XOXO

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