The House with the Cats

Quiet rural location, great for walks in nature. Lovely cats (trained cats!) and dogs. We can talk with you in English or German. You can learn permaculture basics. Friendly village. Located near the Turkish border, a practical stop if you're on your way between Europe and Asia. Healthy food with mostly fresh vegetarian ingredients. Nice guest room. Flexible work schedule. Suitable for couples. Be part of local cultural traditions. WHEN APPLYING, PLEASE TELL US WHY YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THIS PLACEMENT. We won't consider template applications.

You'll be a guest, and will have a room to yourself (shared with your partner if you travel as a couple). You can choose your own work schedule. If there's a particular task you don't want to do, we'll respect that as long as you work on the other chores. Hosts and volunteers take turns cooking. We'll be happy to answer your questions about permaculture, Bulgaria and more.


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I spent a month in this placement and I can honestly say I'll be applying many of the skills I learned in the future. Especially about gardening and permaculture. Rayne is very knowledgeable and was happy to teach us everything she knows. This also includes about Bulgaria, it's culture and many other topics. There is a lot work to be done but seeing it all come to fruition is very rewarding.

2 meses atrás

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A very rewarding experience for anyone wanting to learn about gardening and permaculture. There’s a huge variety of work to be done here and I’ve picked up a lot of new skills and knowledge from Rayne, who is keen to share her expertise and immerse us in the local culture. There was a Kukeri festival here during our stay and we had the opportunity to try on the costumes.

3 meses atrás

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Amazing experience, had the opportunity to be submerged into the local culture, make Bulgarian friends and even learn a bit of the language. The host knows a lot about the culture and history of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a beautiful country and the locals are extremely kind. Чао България, Благодаря за Всичко !

4 meses atrás



With Rayne I had an amazing time, even during winter I had the chance to learn about Permaculture.
She helped me a lot to reach the village (it's in the middle of nowhere, quite hard to reach it, you only need to ask).
The task are suitable for volunteers that just want to tear down invasive trees with an axe and build things, and for those who want to be creative and do artistic tasks, cook, plant flowers and clean the house.
The host is able to communicate: a not so common ability on worldpackers.
You just need to be able to spend a lot of time alone, apart from that I completely recommend!

5 meses atrás

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This was a truly rewarding experience! The work you put into this project will have a lasting effect on yourself, and hopefully the host and local community. Rayne is a wonderful host, with a vast knowledge on the local culture. She took me to Yambol and treated me to a Bulgarian meal! The town is in a remote area, but the house pets are really good company. You can also hike to and explore a nearby Village, or take a minibus to a bigger town. I would love to visit again in the spring or summer time!

7 meses atrás

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