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My Hub / Home is situated in a great location on The Isle of Capri, with an amazing shopping precinct within 5 min walk, that has amazing cafes, restaurants, grocery store, Gym, Pharmacy, post office, Massage, health food store and more. Its also located within a ten min bike ride of the beach, easy public transport access.

I am a busy entrepreneur and Business woman. My house constantly has guests from all around the globe visiting as they travel to come and stay with me to earn and learn. I teach how to become your own bank and create financial freedom online and in person. Normally its just me and my British bull dog lulu at home unless we have guests. Im looking for a helper that is a self starter and doesn’t require me to manage them. Due to the nature of my work Im often up during the night and i will sleep until mid - late morning. My only expectations are that the meals are prepared in advance of the times they are required and that the daily domestic chores are done without me having to ask, request or follow up. As long as they get done i am not concerned with how long it takes you to do them. Once they are complete you are free to what you choose. I am an avid traveller myself and am always engaging in outdoor, adventurous , fun, and social activities and am always happy to have other avid adventurous travellers along for the experience. Im SUPER health conscious, workout daily, work exceptionally hard, have a disciplined routine and enjoy making the most of life.

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