The Joon Project

The Joon Project is started to rethink and redesign every expects of life as a human, from the physical, mental to spiritual aspects of life on earth. We see that we are living in a failing system and we want to help fix it by changing how we see and perceive the world and act/respond to it. We are looking for alternative ways.

***Myself*** I am born and raised in Nepal. I have been traveling to learn about sustainability for years now. In the process of learning, I went to India and Cambodia to learn yoga and meditation and organic farming. Within Nepal, itself also, I went volunteering from farms to schools to transportation industries to factories to wood business to furniture and so on. I went working in US-based call centers and airline ticket agents and hotels. I am really looking for an alternative economic system. And let's share other things when we meet. ***Parents*** My parents live separately in two different cities. Dad is into spirituality and is also into yoga and meditation. He makes herbs like tea, toothpaste, and some medicines. Mom is into business and she owned wood and transportation business. I visit both of them now and then. I have two younger brothers, one is studying Geology and the youngest is a marathon runner. You will meet them soon. ***Our Team*** We have friends to help with Infos and queries in Germany, China, France, Sweden, and America if you need Help to reach here. ***And Yourself*** Welcome to The Joon Family.

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