The Lazy Hostel

Come work and stay at our oceanfront Caribbean hostel/restaurant! We're located on the island of Vieques, off the coast of Puerto Rico, right on Esperanza's main boardwalk just minutes from island activities, beaches, and dancing. Help make our guests experience amazing and live in a place where everyone comes to play!

With four 8 bed dormitories, and fourteen private rooms, we can accommodate up to 72 guests from all over the world. We want their stay here to be a one of a kind amazing experience and work stay volunteers make that happen! We currently offer a 25 hour a week work exchange program (24 hours of work spread between 3-4 days, plus 1 hourly staff meeting). Each week, you will have at least 3 days to explore Vieques! We ask for a minimum of 4 weeks commitment, and a maximum of 12, with chances for exceptional WorkTraders to discuss extensions. I personally believe that we offer the most inclusive WorkTrader program in the Caribbean with 3 daily meals provided, free laundry, discounts on food & alcohol at our attached restaurant AND lodging. Some specifics may not be listed here, but this is a general idea of what the work consists of: checking people in at the front desk, inputting reservations into the computer, being helpful and courteous to any of our guests when they have questions, taking phone calls, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the rooms, doing laundry, watering the plants, detail cleaning the dumpster area, checking the entire premise for garbage or cobwebs, painting the inside and outside of the building, etc.. We have a competitive program hosting up to twelve volunteers at a time and we typically fill up three months in advance, so please check our calendar for availability. Applicants range from seasoned travelers to recent high school graduates and they’re into everything from cliff jumping and kayaking to relaxing in a hammock with a beer. Come join the crew! PLEASE NOTE: -Our WorkTrader Director will be available to you via Facebook Messenger from the moment we connect. We ask that you ask any and all questions, and address any concerns you have, before you come. Once you accept the position, you will also have access to a Facebook group so that you can talk to volunteers (past, present, and future) about their experiences! The last thing we want is for WorkTraders to spend money, commit to the program, arrive on the island, then decide it isn't right for them. We are looking for mature, responsible, flexible, and adventurous WorkTraders who can put in a full 8-hour shift cleaning and maintaining our hostel. Customer service is our top priority! - We ask for a one month minimum and three month maximum commitment. - This position is for volunteering at the hostel. Opportunities for bar tending, waitressing, or cooking at our attached restaurant are not available through the WorkTrade program. After arrival and demonstration of strong performance we can discuss potential paid opportunities if you are interested. - This is a RURAL Caribbean island. While all of our sleeping spaces are enclosed (and have around-the-clock air conditioning), our community spaces are indoor/outdoor. If you have issues with working in humidity, heat exhaustion/sun exposure, or a severe aversion to tropical insects, this may not be an ideal WorkTrade for you. We also have a large mango tree which expands much of our property. If you are allergic, you will most likely be unable to complete the daily hostel tasks required. - We cannot accommodate children under age 18 or pets in our WorkTrader dormitories.


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