The Nomad Farm

Before you take your time i want to make some points clear about the goals of the project : ✓ This is not about a FREE place to live, this is about about a living environment where everyone will teach and learn from each other ✓ We will be living together and anyone who makes others feel threatened or doesn't help will be kicked out from the farm ✓ There is no rent to live in the farm but everyone will have to contribute with their time and help the others to be allowed to live in the farm ✓ Project is planned to last 6 months ✓ Minimum age: 18 ✓ Any kind of hate, disrespect for other peoples beliefs, sexual orientation or any others won't be tolerated. if you do anything that makes someone else feel uncomfortable or unsafe you will be kicked out on the same day. ✓ We do regular trips out of the farm to as many places we can and do as many team building activities we can ✓ You must be fluent in English ✓ Pets are welcome (its a farm!) ✓ We will cover the bills and basic food for volunteers ✓ Any alcohol, meat/fish or extra food should be paid by yourself. ✓ You break something you fix it!

After traveling, working online, and living in different countries over the last 3 years, I decided it is about time to create something that I haven’t found yet in my travels; a place where different people can coexist as a family and small community without paying for accommodation. The main goal of this farm is make people learn and grow as both entrepreneurs and as individuals. It does not matter where you are from or what your skill sets are, if you simply want to work on your personal projects in an environment where everyone is there to help and motivate each other, this is the perfect place to work and live. I have an old family farm that has been uninhabited for the past 10 years. The farm is old but there is a lot of potential to become a great space to be creative and work beside fellow nomads. The idea is to start with a small team of 4 or 5 members (there are 4 rooms available, for now) to begin fixing what has to be fixed on the farm to make it the best living and working space possible. The main house has all the facilities needed, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen, but the house does need a bit of color and some fixing since no one has lived there for a long time! The main plan is to live together, work together to fix the house, and improve upon our own personal projects by talking to and learning new skills from each other. The working space will be the 2nd house found next to the main house, so you will have the quiet environment needed to focus on completing your goals. Once the fields around the two houses are fixed as well, the farm will be used to house animals and a functional garden that we will tend to on our free time.

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