The Republic of Corn

Hello we are Victor and Lexie,
We are living the life like the mayans do, we make our own hand made tortillas and we share the mission of preserving ancient corn seeds, we enjoy life and nature every day...

We are living the mayan dream, sustantability as our main goal. We Are working with mayan people from the community. We offer delicious food everyday and lots of mangos and coconuts...people will learn for sure to make traditional mayan tortillas :)


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África do Sul


My stint at the Republic of Corn was absolutely fantastic! Victor was like a sustainability guru, welcoming me with open arms and a treasure trove of knowledge. He showed me the ropes of eco-friendly living and building in the most laid-back yet insightful way possible. I came away not just with newfound skills but also a refreshed perspective on living more consciously. Seriously, if you're up for an offbeat adventure that's both fun and meaningful, this place is where it's at! Trust me, you won't regret diving into Victor's super cool project at the Republic of Corn.

2 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


The two of us really enjoyed our stay at the Republic of Corn. Victor and Lexie are genuine people and gracious hosts and have really put their all into making the Republic of Corn a permaculture project worth supporting. We especially appreciated their commitment to balancing work/relaxation - we had lots of time to hang out, rest, and explore the jungle together - and they’re great cooks!

5 meses atrás



Very very beautiful experience !

10 meses atrás



My experience in this volunteer program was quite good... the tasks I did were simple, such as feeding the animals, cleaning the land, construction work, planting corn, housework, etc.
You learn a lot about life in the Mayan jungle and the skills you need to live there. Victor is a good host, he is flexible, understanding and fun.

10 meses atrás



Victor es un gran anfitrión, es una persona muy atenta y cocina delicioso. El voluntariado en general es estar en contacto con la naturaleza, literalmente es vivir en la selva. En general me encanto la confianza que tuve con Víctor nunca pensé que fuera a formar una relación tan cool con el.

11 meses atrás

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