The River House - Upscale Lodge

Our property is situated in a rural or secluded natural area, where you will be able to calmly reconnect with nature and yourself.

This is a landscape that is all about providing a sense of refuge, tranquility, and natural delights. Because when you live close to nature, you become more connected with its serenity.

A beautiful Caoni River in our backyard for water activities. You'll find in our property the amenities that will make you feel like you’re on vacation. From lazy rivers, gym, full kitchen and outdoor grills.

Also, the Cleanliness in our property is paramount when it comes to guest satisfaction! We extremely pay attention to detail when cleaning our property.

We're a family business. I'm from Colombia, My wife is from Ecuador and My children Nikola (5) and Martina (6) they're from United States. We moved here to get a better life, taking walks, talk to friends in person, engage in community, read books, and stare at the clouds. Most importantly, we expect give our volunteers the same value as our family. Get ready to lose track of time in hidden paths, splashing and go fishing in the river.

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