The Salida Hostel

We have a great deal, a private comfy room for 10-15hrs a week is great! We are also a pretty calm place to work, if you're looking for something different then a party hostel we are the place to be!

We're a pretty small permanent staff. The owners of the hostel are Tom and Karen, they've been living in the Colorado mountains since they got married 30 years ago, and are always down to take volunteers out on hikes, snowshoe trips and everything else we have to offer. Day to day you'll be seeing me, Audrey, I've been the manager here for three years, and I do all different things at the hostel, from front desk, to maintenance, to marketing. I love when volunteers can be as flexible as I am, and are down to help me out with whatever they bring to the table. We also have a couple awesome local high school kids who help out a lot. We try and treat our volunteers with as much if not more respect as our regular staff, and we want to help you explore our awesome town and mountains as much as possible.

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