The Table Foundation

The Table Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates in La Mesa in the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia. This foundation is formed by people from Colombia as well as foreigners with the goal of teaching English and other languages to the local children. Through this pioneer service we hope to create a positive impact on this society and the children so they can widen their horizons and better prepare for future experiences!

The Table Foundation is founded by young people wanting to make a difference. Young people that, motivated for a better future, invite other young people to be part of this idea. If you are willing to contribute your bit with us and you want to live a unique experience in Colombia The Table Foundation is a chance to show by deeds your contribution to change. The idea is to create a cool atmosphere of young foreigners teaching English and other languages in a fun and dynamic way. All members of the foundation work together and help each other under principles of solidarity and kindness to improve the lives of young people.


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The host didn't organize any social work, so the trip was pretty much pointless. The place was also very dirty, without knives, forks nor clean bedsheets.


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