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Work Exchange Program

If you're an international traveler planning an extended stay on Maui consider joining our Work Exchange program. Work Exchange at Tiki Beach Hostel is a great opportunity to work and live in a friendly atmosphere where you can meet people from around the world. In exchange for 20 hours a week of work for housekeeping, front desk duty and Gardening/Maintenance- you'll receive free accommodation in our hostel for as long as you're with us.
Tiki Beach Hostel prefers to accept participants who are students of the hospitality industry or long-term travelers who are equally interested in exploring new cities as well as contributing to our Hostel vibe by supporting our staff.
We expect you to take your work seriously when you're here! Also, to participate in the Work Exchange program, a minimum of 2 months commitment is required.

The Nuts and Bolts:

Travelers who are accepted into Work Exchange take on general staff duties that contribute to the efficient day-to-day operations and the overall vibe of the hostel.
Work: Each week participants work 20 scheduled hours in the areas of Front Desk, Housekeeping, Maintenance/Gardening, and Marketing. Placements in these areas of work are determined based on availability, order of priority for the hostel, and on qualifications and interests of applicants.

Who Should Apply :

Tiki Beach Hostel fills the Work Exchange program with energetic and motivated people. Diversity is encouraged. Students of hospitality, participants in work abroad programs, and people with interests in international travel, hostel management, and marketing are encouraged to apply.

Length of Stay:

A minimum stay of 2 month is required. There is a maximum stay of 4 months unless special permission is granted. Generally, permission is granted to participants from university or work abroad programs who are in the US with Work Visas. Stellar participants can re-enroll for a second or third rotation. Tiki Beach Maui offer female travelers a safe and comfortable place to stay.

We are a friendly International Hostel located in Lahaina Town, West Maui. Just 30 seconds! walk from the ocean and one of the most popular surf sport on Maui "Lahaina Breakwall". We usually have between 8-10 staff members year around, staying in average 2-4 months. We offer free wi-fi, laundry, coffee and free use of bikes and snorkel gear. Meals are not provided.


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there were great things about this experience—the other volunteers, the location. the manager when i arrived was very generous, but management has since changed. my stay was chaotic and disorganized. the owner violates the agreement whenever she feels like, so the volunteer situation is always unstable. ultimately, we were moved offsite to a “renovated” garage. volunteers were constantly disrespected and all concerns were dismissed. we were told we were just there so the hostel could make money. not the true spirit of a work trade. i loved my time on maui, but this position needs improving.

8 meses atrás



On one hand, I had a great time with the people I met and felt welcomed and happy with the volunteers! Martin, the manager when I arrived,was also great and always looked out for us volunteers. The management has now changed though, plus the whole experience is NOT what worlpackers makes it to be. Volunteers live off site, 6 ppl in a room infested by cockroaches and mold. Had to walk there after 11pm while homeless people followed and catcalled us. The owner does not care. We didn’t get bikes, stopped getting food provided, and often felt mistreated and unheard. Idk if I would recommend…

9 meses atrás



I loved my stay at Tiki! The volunteers quickly felt like a little family and the location is amazing. Martin is a great manager and provided us with basic ingredients and was really easy to communicate with. Thank you! Be aware that there are cats and also Martins kids living on the property :)
Unfortunately there are currently changes happening due to new volunteers and the owner. The workers are not living at the hostel and the experience is not as described on worldpackers anymore.
As i said I loved my stay but i would contact current volunteers about the conditions and changes happening

9 meses atrás



It was my first time volunteering in a hostel and I loved it. I met amazing people from all over the world. I had an incredible time here on Maui! A big thank you to the host and the other volunteers! I loved the enviroment that they created here. Everyone feels welcome, safe and happy. The hours and tasks were very fair! The place is neraby everything and it is easy to take the buses. The tasks were not complicated. The host was flexible with some shifts if someone needed it. Martin is very nice and friendly. I miss the tiki beach hostel <3.

9 meses atrás



Staying at Tiki for my first experience as a solo traveler was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! I’ve met so many beautiful humans, guests and volunteers, from around the world that i would’ve never been able to meet in any other way! The other volunteers immediately felt like sisters, and i got used to live with so many people very quickly! The location is also perfect to do a lot of things by walk or by bus and explore Lahaina. Martin and his family were very welcoming and i felt like home immediately. I will forever be grateful for this experience and i 100% recommend <3

10 meses atrás

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