TRIBODAR | Creating in and out Paradise

Dear worldpackers,

✨Welcome to our project dedicated to Learning in freedom and to be free ~ Co-creating in & out Paradise 🍂 through well-being with awareness, meditation, yoga, agro-forest, natural building, art creation, unschooling, nature connection...

We are an non profit association dedicated to a sustainable, well being and free education lifestyle, born in 2010 out of a dream to reconnect with nature and our true nature.

We receive volunteers, families and guests for eco-vacations.


Moabi, A well-being guide through kundalini yoga, meditations, breath, awareness, sound exploration, dance. Very passionated by life and supporting people to expand their inner love and light 💚 Mother of a 12 year old

Manu, A curiose and friendly 12 year old boy interested in animals, science, programing, games, painting, reading...

Gennaro, A quite and friendly architect/Agro-forest professional dedicated and passionate about his work

What we provide :
🌟1 - 2 dailly activities together
Yoga, Meditations, Dance, Sharing circles, walks...

We ask:
🌟Between 11-22 euros per night according to your possibilities and will to support the project
🌟1h 30m work
Left over money is used to help improving the spaces...

We recieve from 2 to 8 volunteers at the time

Looking foward to met you and have a great experience together 🙏

We are: Gennaro Cardone, born in 1982, is an architect and permaculturist specialized in reciprocal roof and soil regeneration. He is dedicated, perfectionist, and gives great importance to the aesthetic. The work functions as a meditation to Gennaro, who in eco- construction and land work finds peace of mind. Moabi, born in 1980, is mother of Manu Inca. She loves life, enjoys living in the countryside and has three main passions: learning in freedom, kundalini yoga and dance. She co-founded Tribodar in 2010 with an aim of developing a sustainable and learning space according to everybody interests, passions and needs. Moabi has been specializing in k. yoga, and has been taking various courses and learning various activities related to wellbeing. Manu Inca, born in 2010, is very curious. He is enjoying discovering the world and asking a lot of questions about many things. Mostly, he is interested in learning about human body, animals and space ships. He loves playing with water and listening to stories. He is able to speak English and loves it 🙂 99% of the people that come say they feel very much at home and that is a life transforming experience

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The whole experience was incredible and I would definitely recommend it. We would work for around an hour a day either helping with the house or the garden. The rest of the time was filled with relaxing, cooking meals for the group, meditation and yoga. It was such a relaxing week with lovely people that I would love to do again :)

6 dias atrás

Reino Unido


Tribodar was an amazing experience! Moabi was so welcoming, and taught us so many techniques to connect with ourselves. It was also so lovely to experience this with a group of likeminded people, and form friendships which will last!

7 dias atrás



My time at Tribodar was truly amazing. Moabi is a great host and goes above and beyond to make sure you feel welcome and safe. We ate great food, did a lot of meditating and Kundalini Yoga. Even the work was fun. The hours were respected and Moabi was really flexible with the tasks. I would reccommend this experience to everyone who needs to reconnect with themselves and nature.

12 dias atrás



An absolute gem hidden in Portugal. It’s not just about working and profit exchange, it is also a relaxing and discovery journey for the world and even yourself with numerous fun and exciting activities. There’s never a short supply of friendly faces in Tribodar. Host Moabi and Gennaro are such great People who’s always dutifully on call all the time going above and beyond making it a beautiful experience.

13 dias atrás



This place is full of good memories and I will always remember these days at TRIBODAR!

Moabi took care of our feelings, all the activities she arranged were perfect.

We worked together in the morning;In the afternoon, we practiced yoga, meditated. In the night, we sat around the campfire together, circling, and danced like crazy together!

In the process, I felt some changes in my body and have a more peaceful mood. There wasn't a lot of noise in my head.This is my ideal volunteer home, where wonderful relationships between people arise.
I very much hope to return to this place!

14 dias atrás

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