Tumanyan Bathhouse Hostel

The Tumanyan Bathhouse Hostel is a social enterprise, started by the Tumanyan Development Foundation. It's located in a canyon of stunning natural beauty, and with a string of ancient monasteries accessible by hiking paths. We are currently interested in volunteers for Spring/Summer/Fall 2023.

The entire area however is economically depressed, and few tourists stop to spend the night. We have opened the hostel in order to attract backpackers and hikers from around the world, at low prices, in order to expose them to the area and create more opportunities for discovery. We have also opened a quirky but already loved Tumanyan Matchbox Label Museum, partnered to open the Flying Samovar Cafe in town, and work with the Abastan Artists Residency in an old factory.

Volunteers will be given a lot of independence. We have few guests since we're a new hostel in a region without a hostel culture, so you would have a fair bit of free time. That having been said, any activities you can undertake geared towards getting the word out about the town and hostel would be very helpful in addition to simply managing the hostel. At the hostel we would need you to manage reservations, check-ins and check-outs, setup beds and a simple breakfast, which you would also be provided with. Locals are incredibly hospitable, and all of our volunteers in the past have quickly made friends and enjoyed their time in the small town of Tumanyan. Please note, for some reason on the map that Worldpackers is showing, our hostel location is appearing in Gavar - which is nowhere near Tumanyan. Please type in the name of our hostel on Google Maps to see the correct location in Debed Canyon. We are a new hostel, and a charity, so while we can provide space to stay in the hostel of course, we can't really help with food and other expenses. Previous volunteers have said that they spent about $250 USD a month to get by comfortably.


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It was a great experience. The area is so beautiful and chill. You will be living in a small village and get in touch with the locals there and know more about their culture and lifestyle. The work is so manageable and not hard. Yermonia was a great host and so respectful and helpful. The whole team was very nice, so I would recommend it for sure.

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