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Welcome pilgrim, whoever you are in this small “Inn of Bizarre Dreams” where in company of a good beer we freely share our stories, our desires looking at the horizon away from the noise of this society so sick of ignorance and indifference… This is not an Hotel, Hostel or a B & B ... But just a small and simple farm where there is always something to do... I need guys that fit easily into a rustic and pragmatic lifestyle. The weather here is normally very good, but during the winter it may be a bit cold at night. If you have a sleeping bag it is definitely better. If you need more information about my project, ask...

1 - Free wifi connection 2 - The house is very small... but no worry, I have some caravans close to the house where you will sleep. Better if you are equipped with your sleeping bag 3 - My elder mother lives here with me, she have 85 years old. If you have no patience and respect for the elderly people, find an another place to go ;)

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Work, talk and live with Viviano/Radagast is a day to day pleasure, i'm really happy to know him ! His a garrulous guy, every words we exchange was interesting : full of mind food :) and i don't talk about Giovanna (his adorable mother) true cooking... Here, you'll eat as kings ! (Sorry for my big stomach ^^)
I recommand this lovely artistic farm without a doubt !!

Keep in touch, wizard of nature ;)

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