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Greetings! My name is Carsten. I am 37 years old and grew up in Conyers, Georgia. I am a dual American and German citizen living as a permanent resident on the island of Crete, where I have worked both as a foreign language instructor and as a bilingual book entrepreneur I split my time between a traditional Cretan house and a beach apartment. The traditional Cretan house is located at 800 meters altitude below mount Spathi on the incredibly fertile Lasithi Plateau (where according to Greek mythology Zeus was born in the Cave of Diktaion Andron), about 25 minutes from Malia and 50 minutes to the airport. The beach apartment is just outside the capital city of Heraklion, about 15 minutes away in the town of Gournes-Gouvon, which hosts the Cretaquarium and a small fishing harbor by the old American base beach..

At the traditional Cretan house, I host volunteers in a mezzanine bedroom or tents in the back yard. I am looking to adopt a cat, cultivate some winter greens, help take care of the chickens and goats across the street and my neighbor's German shepherd, and do some DIY projects to build infrastructure to raise chickens, or a compost heap, for example. Also with the house is a second plot of land with about ten apple trees and a 10 m2 shed I am using to recycle materials. The plan in Spring is to grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs. My first volunteer and I started growing spinach, mint, lavender, and some other herbs indoors. Volunteer duties would include assisting me with the plants, and then helping me as a sous-chef cooking meals. I mainly eat vegetarian dishes, soups, and salads but sometimes meat. The house has a fully-equipped kitchen as well as a wood burning stove you can cook in. The back yard is fully-fenced in and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and is perfect to camp and gaze at the stars. The mezzanine bedroom provides space and privacy, has a little screened window for ventilation and a desk and office chair to read, write, or do art

Tzermiado is the capital town of the Lasithi plateau and hosts cafes, restaurants, a post office, a town hall, and several Farm Supply stores, and is trendy on the weekends when big crowds visit the mountains for lunch and dinner.

The house a solar water heater, triple filter water filtration system, and high speed fibre optic internet, a fixed telephone line, and satellite tv channels

In addition to the farm project, my personal interests include art and literature. I am looking to host artists notably for mural painting and am already developing a bilingual book project. I am also into yoga and meditation but only have experience as a student. I went for example for a weekend yoga and Tibetan instrument sound retreat in France a few years ago- that sort of thing as well as sound and art therapy are really interesting to me, and not to forget to mention herbal medicine and natural remedies- I am into esoteric knowledge, ancient history, astrology, greek philosophy, just to name a few of my interests- I am also a chess addic, play alto saxophone, like doing art, and so would be happy to host writers, musicians, chess players, or artists

I love foreign languages, especially Romance languages and Greek. I was an English teacher at three different universities in France. I have a French lit degree from the University with a minor in Spanish. I studied a lot of Argentinian short story writers and am a big fan of the short text format. If someone else around me connects to creative wavelengths i can write for hours. I am really supportive of people around me and want volunteers to be able to pursue their dreams and grow in a good direction.


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My stay in Greece at Carsten's was fantastic. He treated me really well, like I was a daughter. He has kept everything agreed and has done much more. I spent a few days sick and he took care of me. From a personal point of view it could not have gone better, I'm so happy to have known him.
Also from a professional point of view we did a great job, we worked on the website, contacts, business cards, our new logo. We worked a lot maci we also enjoyed and visited. We even did an interview.
I'm sure we'll see again :)
I am proud of our work that we will continue even remotely

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My experience has been incredible. Carsten is a very kind and funny person, with many funny stories and great cultural knowledge. it is impossible to get bored with it. He has a big project. I felt very good in his house, he gave me absolutely everything that is needed, and even more. He had my own private room and everything agreed upon in WP was met. The house by the beach is beautiful. It is very easy to communicate with him since he is interested that you are 100% well-being there. The island is really very attractive but the best thing was to find a great friend. I will be back :)

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Carsten is an incredible person, with him I was able to learn a lot. Not only did I improve my English, but also our long conversations contributed a lot to my personal growth.
If there is one person with dreams and perseverance, it is Carsten.
Together with Agos we feel totally comfortable with him, sharing meals, games and lots of laughs.
We feel at home constantly, Carsten takes care of it.
We are very grateful for this time shared and personally I leave here not only with great learning, but also with a great friend.
We will see each other again soon, I have no doubts.

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When I arrived the house was not in its best state.Carsten is a truly interesting and special person.He is extremely passionate about his project.I felt uncomfortable sometimes because of his mood swings.Conversations with him were always interesting and showed his strong beliefs.He payed a lot for me for which I am really grateful: my boat, a taxi, a night at a hostel & weekly pocket money.I had fun doing the translations for 5 hours a day.I did not feel overworked.When I got sick he let me rest 2 days.I had a great time with the other volunteer discovering the beautiful mountain area.

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Carsten has beautiful dreams and It was a great experience to be a part of his project and daily life.
We spend so much time with each other and started to dream together, learned a lot about life and communication. I feel that I was able to do something big here even if it was just the very beginning of the project.
I thankfully took the opportunity he offerd me because this place is magical and he is one of the best hosts I ever worked for.

Thank you so much my friend to let me know you and learn from you!

8 meses atrás

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