U Street Hostel

A hostel with a central location in Washington, DC. Housing option for travelers, interns, international and local students in a dorm-style setting. We strive to be the number one destination for DC, with our location on the historical U street corridor, on the same block as one of the metro stops as well as bars, and restaurants all around us!

We are looking for a minimum of 1 months+ commitments from anyone, who would like to apply. The position usually available is part-time working at the front desk checking people in, looking after the hostel during the shift and/or cleaning up, performing housekeeping, and actual cleaning, and taking people out once a week to see DC/bars/clubs/etc.

Volunteers can expect to have comfortable accommodations of 4 people per rooms in nice rooms, working part time hours, in exchange for checking guests in, leading a few events per week, and cleaning up the hostels; with locations right in the center of DC.


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The U Street Hostel is clean and fancy. Volunteers live in the cozy pod. Hosts are generous and friendly. They always buy some snacks for the volunteers. Tasks are easy and reasonable. You can get the free drinks from Brew on U Cafe during your shift. The surrounding area is convenient and safe. Metro and bus station are just one minute walk. Trader Joe’s and Walgreens are just around the corner. Here is the best place to volunteer and explore Washington DC. Highly recommend to everyone.

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This was my first experience volunteering, and Im glad I chose this one. I already knew the city so I felt really at home, is a nice place to meet a lot of new people and go out, also go to the museums and monuments. I only have one thing to complain and is as a woman I didn’t feel 100% safe. My females coworkers are amazing and I am so happy I met them, but some things made me feel like nobody is gonna stand up for us. A little more communication between everyone, including the host and all the coworkers would make this experience even better. But still, I had the best time of my life here.

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Mi primera experiencia de voluntariado ha ssuperado mis expectativas.Volvería a repetir esta experiencia seguro.El hostel está muy bien , los responsables del hotel están pendientes siempre y los otros trabajadores son encantadores .La ciudad permite hacer muchas cosas allí y también moverte a sitios cercanos en el tiempo libre. Me llevo de esta experiencia un recuerdo maravilloso y muchos amigos que hice en el hostel!

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I stayed at the U Street hostel for 6 weeks. Decided to extend my stay because I was having a such great experience. The owner are very friendly, the schedule is super chill, very minimal issues regarding safety but absolutely a great experience. The hostel is well located and the capsule give you a sense of personal space which is excellent for long term guests. Thank you Paul for the opportunity ❤️

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Foi minha primeira experiência como voluntário e eu simplesmente adorei! A carga horária é muito de boa, consegui conhecer todos os pontos de Washington DC e região; tive total flexibilidade para alterar minha agenda e consegui dar um pulinho em NYC, e isso me deixou muito contente!
Espero voltar no futuro para outro voluntariado com a equipe do U Street Hostel que me acolheu tão bem!

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