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We leave in a rural area in the village surrounded by Nature and Maasai culture, if your are looking for a quiet place full of nature this is the best one for you.

Things to be aware of here in Africa-Tanzania, some days we don’t have electricity and the water supply can be a bit intermittent, network connections may run slowly or not work at all, but don't forget it is the same for everyone, life is not always easy. Everyone will greet you and say hello (mambo), don’t worry about it, it is our culture and people just want to include you in their day. The food is delicious and made from locally sourced fresh ingredients, come and taste the difference. By volunteering with us you wont just be visiting Tanzania, you will be living Tanzania.

I'm Kenny I live in Arusha Tanzania, I am a Safari Guide . It's my pleasure to welcome you here in Africa Tanzania and give you best experience with my all efforts. My Home is your Home welcome HAKUNA MATATA.


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"Upendo means Love". I lived with Kenny, his grandmother who I lovingly called "Bibi" and with the girl who take care of the grandma, Heavenlight, "Dada", people of extreme sensitivity and empathy, always ready to help you, without ever judging, always ready to give you their love without asking for anything in return. Kenny is not just a simple host, Kenny is an extraordinary, ambitious, and generous guy who made my experience incredible, acting as a guide, immersing me in the local culture, giving me advice and teaching me many things. The children of the orphanage are the best!

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Kenny and family were great! Super welcoming and very easy to talk to. Anything I needed, he helped me with. The orphanage was great, the kids are super super sweet and excited that you’re there. The workers at the orphanage were also very welcoming and helpful. The only downside I would say is the housing as far as bed and bath, but it is also just part of experiencing life there, it is just very different.

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I greatly enjoyed my time living with Kenny and working in the orphanage. Living with Kenny’s grandma was an amazing cultural experience and I learned a lot about how the locals live. Kenny was great about showing me cool places and experiences in and around Arusha . The children at the day care/orphanage were wonderful. They love the volunteers that come and spend time with them. Unfortunately, the guys running the orphanage were almost never around so I was often left alone and expected to teach the lessons on my own. All around it was still a wonderful experience!

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Kenny and all his family are the most beautiful people I’ve ever met🌟
Tanzania is an amazing country with really welcoming and kind people ! Arusha was superb !
I’ve visited farm and church and a looot of local places (like the big local market).
I loved all the time I passed with the children and the mamas at the orphenage. People are just incredible✨
We were doing classes, lunch, cleaning areas, playing with them and also doing laundry.
What the family shared with me was unforgettable. All the culture history, the food tips and a lot more.
I will never forget you🧡

2 anos atrás

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