Valentina's Flowers house

If they come to us, they will relax on the sea, see interesting places.
There is peace and quiet here.
The sound of the sea waves is especially good to hear.
Also, sunny and rainy weather is nice.

All of us family members work on flower care. Ms. Valentina is a florist. We are learning and developing our business. I will be very happy if you visit us. We will learn a lot from you. we will try to spend this time well with us in the village of Grigoleti.


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I felt like I was part of a caring and loving family. I got to meet many locals, learn about the culture, and travel around the country with my host family. The workload was not that big; everything was up to my expectations. The highlight of my stay was the reconnection with nature. Their house is located 5 minutes away from the sea and has a gorgeous view. They have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables growing on their property, which added a nice touch to my goal of connecting with nature. I truly loved my stay here, and I can recommend this place to everyone!

8 meses atrás



The time I spent there was wonderful. I truly felt treated like a part of the family. Meeting such a pleasant, warm, and open-minded family and spending time with them was an exceptional experience for me. The tasks were fairly easy. I learned the correct information about plants, correcting what I had misunderstood before. In short, it was an amazing experience. Спасибо за всё))

9 meses atrás



I really liked staying at Valentina's Flowers, the farm is really nice, with a lot of flowers and others vegetables. Staying with the whole family was a really nice first experience in Georgia for me, the food was super delicious and the task are not super hard. Thank you for the experience Valentina's Flowers

11 meses atrás

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