Valle de Sensaciones

Valle de Sensaciones is an Ecovillage Laboratory, a place full of art, beauty and cozy tree houses. Completely integrated with nature, provides a unique opportunity to experience community living, sustainable practices and permaculture. All this in a place that allows you to explore and express your creativity, flow in your own rhythm and deeply interact in a nature environment. Ecovillage Laboratory means that there is not a community established here, but all the structure to provide for each group of people that are here the experience of living in a sustainable communal space. In the same time we offer an Eros Lab, a laboratory of Love and Sexuality. That means that we create a field of trust, authenitic expression, honest communication and playfulness where the issues around love, attraction, desire, jealousy, sexuality are treated openly. Worldpackers are invited and expected to be fully part of this dynamic. This doesn't mean you are expected to get involved in anything you don't feel like, but that you are open to show yourself honestly and perceive others without judgements. The place is clothing optional and sex-positive.

Our community, as being a laboratory, is composed by the participants that are here, who get fully integrated into communal living. When joining our work exchange program you will be fully part of that community and have a lot of flexibility to adapt the your tasks to the way you like to celebrate your experience, but at the sime will be responsabel to create work motivation and good outcome without fixed time tables and strickt guidance. The household is run communaly. Sharing basic tasks of communal living (about 1h per day) with everybody present is needed independently of your work input as worldpacker. Also you are invited and expected to join our sharing circles of open communication.


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Foi uma experiência incrível estar no Valle de Sensaciones. Fui recebida muito bem pelo Achim e pelo Peter, me senti em casa em todos os momentos. Foram 20 dias de contato com a natureza, de sentimentos intensos e de muito amor.
Ajudar no trabalho diário do valle me fazia muito bem! Ajudava com tudo o que tinha pra ser feito no momento. Os dias de trabalho sempre eram regidos pelas músicas animadas de Achim e pelo cuidado de Peter, que sempre fazia suco verde e levava pra mim! <3
Compartilhar desse lugar maravilhoso e da companhia de pessoas amáveis foi um privilégio!
Espero voltar um dia




All the family is so open and lovely, since i arrived had the most beautiful learning experiences in this powerful place! Everything there, from the good vibes and open hearts to the nature and constructions makes you feel so welcome and part of it. I worked finishing a big mosaic they had outside the bathrooms, loved being part of it. Learned and grew in every single way, physically, spiritually, mentally and sexually. I take with me lots of tools for being the best me i can. A better world is possible if we believe in it and make it together :) Gracias! Aho!


Achim respondeu

Hi Tati. So nice to get your amazing feedback. Have you here was also a huge pleasure for us. Always welcome to join again ;-)

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