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The apartment is prestigious, well located and has a great reputation. However, it´s easy peasy to maintain the standards requested, just pay attention to details. Plus, you´ll have lot of time to learn and enjoy the beautiful city of Rome.

There´s no staff, so you´ll be responsible for the whole house activity, but no worries, it´s pretty simple! While you can enjoy the city, make sure to be at the guest disposal whenever he/she/they need. Again, easy peasy.


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We were very fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to get to work with Humberto! He was extremely welcoming and showed us around Rome while he was still home! It was great getting to know Humberto and his girlfriend and having a chance to experience the other side of air B and B and of course the city of Rome itself! Thank you for opening your home to us, you're always welcome to ours! (P.S. Alex is sorry he ate all your black licorice candy.)

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