Viajeros del Mezcal

We are the first project in Oaxaca State looking forward to preserve agave species, organic farming, and handmade organic Mezcal.
We support the plantations by helping planting, harvesting and specially caring and weeding by hand our fields. Sometimes it's not easy but there is lots to learn.

Because of the help is very physical, we also help the community by supporting other local NGO's, or doing exchanges with schools or students.

I'm Jorge, a Mexican and former volunteer around Serbia, Turkey and Germany. I will welcome volunteers as I have been welcomed in those amazing projects, with open arms and respect. As a host, friend and colleague, I will help you understand and know my country and agaves. Come and experience the real Mexico, real Mezcal, and our cultural heritage.

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La experi3ncia fue super interesante y nutritiva, volveria a repetir sin lugar a dudas.

2 meses atrás

Reino Unido


This was an amazing experience and my first Worldpackers! I would highly recommend this opportunity, it’s definitely hard work but also super rewarding.
It’s a great way to learn about Mezcal ( the amount i learnt in 3 weeks is insane!) and Spanish as the area is really non-touristy

I found the work to be really well rounded with opportunity’s to do farm and social work each week.
The 3 days weekends are also amazing as you get to see the surrounding areas if you wish.
The whole experience felt really authentic and was amazing from start to finish! Thank you Jorge :)

2 meses atrás



Okay, this is my best World Packer experience so far. Miahuatlán is a small and safe little town that doesn't have much to do, but Jorge arranges a lot of activities to do after work, I love the language exchange Wo do every Wednesday you can talk to the locals and they are all so patient toward my broken Spanish. Jorge always tried his best to let the volunteers immerse themselves in the local community and introduce us to different people.
Work is tough and hard not for everyone, this is real farm work not just the same places for people to take some pictures and go.

3 meses atrás

Jorge respondeu

See you again!! Enjoy your trips and thanks for everything!!



I really enjoyed my 3 weeks at Viajeros del Mezcal!
This is a great project for anyone who want to learn more about the local life in Mexico and of course about mezcal.
The farm days are hard, but you will feel satisfied when the day is finished, it's so rewarding.
Jorge, the host, is amazing and he really puts in effort for us volunteers to have a good time and learn as much as possible.
I highly recommend this for anyone who want to make a difference, learn and meet like minded travelers.

4 meses atrás



Mi experiencia en Viajeros del Mezcal fue muy positiva y hasta diría que catártica, me ayudó de descubrir un montón sobre mis propias capacidades y mi habilidad para relacionarme con personas nuevas y también me ayudó a sobrellevar problemas emocionales y de vocación. El proyecto es interesante y fomenta la inmersión en la cultura local tanto en las labores como en las actividades de ocio. Jorge es un gran anfitrión y valoro mucho que sea muy claro en su comunicación con los voluntarios, además que ha hecho posible esta mezcla de diversión y trabajo. El trabajo es duro pero vale la pena!

4 meses atrás

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