Vida Feliz: Medicina para el Cuerpo y para el Alma

Because Arequipa is a charming and privileged place of our Mother Earth. And our home because it is warm and cozy, we are in a strategic place, quiet, cozy and at the same time very close to the historic center of the city. You will be able to enjoy the best of Arequipa's architectural and cultural wealth as well as its modernity (malls, markets) and exclusive entertainment centers.

We are a team passionate for the love of nature and all its happy expressions of Life; that is why we promote a vision and holistic experience of health, not only human but of all life forms; enriching and enriching our environment with each volunteer experience, with each learning workshop, exercising our intention and attention in the here and now to be happy and recreate the Union. REQUIREMENT: As a non-profit organization, dedicated to the promotion and care of the body-mind health of life in its multiple expressions. and not receiving any economic contribution from public or private institutions; It is not within our reach to solve the volunteer's stay, so we require a contribution of $ 60 US dollars or 62 euros per week (minimum stay of 2 weeks). Your lodging includes comfortable furnished, individual and / or shared rooms, and full availability of common areas: living room, dining room, kitchen, video room, games, terraces, laundry, hot water, wi-fi, internet and breakfast. Everything like at home! We are 15 minutes walk from the Historical Center of Arequipa and in front of a park full of greenery and very cozy. On the other hand, the contribution you give if you participate in the Holistic Workshops (see positions of Volunteers) goes by 30% to provide food, shelter and cleaning supplies for the puppies of the shelters in Arequipa in which we volunteer. You are all very welcome!

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