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Garosugil is one of the hot up and coming trendy areas, streets full of young trendy boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Still my house is located in a very quiet neighborhood for your good night sleep My stand-alone house has 5 shared bathrooms and 5 private rooms + 5 female shared rooms ( 3~6 females ) on 3 floors. My guests are typically female solo travelers in their 20's and from all over the world looking to make friends.

Hi my name is Sarah, a native Korean speaker and fluent in English. I look for volunteers who can be part of my supportive system. My team members need to support one another maintaining the House integrity. I would also love hanging out with you like locals :)


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I stayed in Villa Garosugil for two months. I should stay only one but I loved the place and the owner Sarah.
The work is not difficult and well detailed in the staff group. House rules are strict but as soon you get used to it, you realize they were made to make the work easier.
Sarah is so kind! We had really good time together exploring the neighborhood, eating hamburger until late night, shopping or just chatting on the couch. I'm very grateful for this experience.
I hope to see Sarah and all the other friends I made here again someday. s2




I would recommend coming here!
Working shifts are evenly spread through the whole day and your preferences are taken into consideration. All tasks are very clear instructed in a private chatroom, so you always know exactly what to do. The house has a really homey vibe; you'll live together with other staff and guests, which is great for meeting new people.
Sarah is a lovely and straight forward person. Her English is perfect and she's very passionate about the hostel, which I liked a lot. She showed me around the stunning Garosugil neighborhood and we had a really great time together :)




The house is beautiful and Garosugil is a very nice Area.
At first it seems to be a lot, but once you got the work routine it is getting easier. Everything is explained in the staff duty list in detail with pictures.
I enjoyed most to hang out with all the people I have met here including the staff and the host.
It is a great opportunity to get to know Seoul!


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The location is great! The house is comfortable and well equipped. The tasks can be challenging, but they will get easier as you follow Sarah's system and understand her vision for her guesthouse. There will be enough time to visit different attractions. I had fun going out with Sarah and knowing Seoul trough her perspective.


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(I have very mixed feelings on this experience) The house and rooms are very comfortable and the other workers and guests are really nice/fun to meet and hang out with. I love the neighborhood and there’s great shops and cafes. It’s not hard to get the hang of the work tasks and you get a lot of time off to do whatever you want.
However, this was defiantly a really stressful environment. There are many times you will feel frustrated and angry ((Don’t bother trying to go out of your way to help something/a situation, you’ll almost always be “wrong”)) Overall tho I did make some nice friends


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Discretion is the utmost important ingredient in hospitality business. The information we share with my team members are confidential and not to be shared with our guests, and yet you kept telling the privileged informations to the guests against our Staff Manual. You are a lovely girl and I wish only the best things for you, but I just couldn’t let you jeopardize my business and reputation.

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