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The first few weeks consisted of me adjusting to the French way of life and Olivier’s unique personality. Olivier is very passionate about his projects and house rules. He is adamant about working as a team but makes it very clear that he is the chief. If you are not able to adapt to his rules you should not apply. I am not speaking badly of this place. That passion allowed us to design and make beautiful art together! I only say this in order to draw the kind of people who would enjoy this kind of environment. He took us to castles, museums, and so many more lovely places on our days off!

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Olivier respondeu

I reply here after her review as I have no other place to do it : It was a real pleasure to host Feliz !

She stayed at home 4 weeks . First she was alone with me during 2 weeks . Then joined one other volunteer and 2 days later an other one .
Feliz is curious, hard worker , has interesting conversations about life . She can be challenged : she is used to paint faces and at home the goal was to paint flowers 😅. She didn't know how to speak french and when I asked her if she wanted to learn , she said immediately yes !
Feliz is positive and she listens to the other
She entered in the art project with curiosity , ideas .It was a real pleasure to work with her .The first days she drew flowers, being more confident about her Technic , with the room to make the mural , we talked a lot thinking about different possibilities to realize the project . Then I asked her to begin on the wall and as she painted the mural, I came sometimes to talk with her and give advices about what I saw further from the mural.
When the outside face of the wall was painted , we entered into the house to decorate the other face . There, I was making the decoration while she was further from the wall, giving advices
With another volunteer the mural would have been different , with another project she would have not tried to paint flowers. I 'm really proud about what we have made :)

Then , with one , two volunteers more, the energy and the context changed.
I had to come back the chief of the house as the rules were not respected.
This is not the job of a volunteer to discuss the rules of a house he joined.
The host explains the rules of the house, the different projects possible to be done , the cultural exchange , the volunteer expresses with honesty who he is, what he likes and we see together if there is a good feeling :)
I will precise with more details on my profile who I am to understand what I can give and what kind of behaviour are not welcomed in my house



La experiencia fue muy buena, aprendi muchas cosas y disfrute de un sitio muy bonito! Olivier es una persona amable, simpatica, le gusta aprender y enseñar nuevas cosas, especialmemte idiomas! le gusta muchisimo conversar y es una persona muy detallista!
Realizamos multiples tareas en su hogar.
una buena experiencia, aunque el sitio se encuentra un poco alejado y no hay movilidad por tu cuenta si no tienes vehiculo!
muchas gracias por todo!

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