Villa Lanca

Our location in middle of the sami culture and arctic world makes us a special place to visit and experience. We always try to teach something for the volunteers to have anew skill with them where ever they go.

We are a couple that runs business with many sectors. Little guest house, Aurora cabins, we have a husky farm, we have horses, in winter all kinds of activities. I'd describe us creative but business orientated. Our staff is a great mixture people and professionals from all over the world. We speak english together. Life is not only work but we think our work is much fun and it is a pleasure to be able to do it..

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All finland knows about the naughty Villa Lanca (Satu and Erki) reputation. Killing puppies when there are too many, not electicity and water in the farm, not organisation, and if you ask "too many things" you are a child that has to be pushed, not an independent adult. Beautiful village, hikings, supermarket, museum, cultural centre and Pub! Volunteers are "just volunteers" she said to the workers. Storage room to sleep not the one in the photo, cheap food. Lies behind the back all the time.
A big shit, even known outside Finland. Bad treat to animals, workers and volunteers. Short list...

3 meses atrás

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I was a farm volunteer. Very secluded. Duties can vary daily. Pick up dog poop, feed dogs, build fires, clean horse poo, fix fences, put together sleds, put harnesses on dogs, help customers etc.. Pros: dog sledding, snow mobile, auras, ice fishing and saunas. Employees are awesome. Satu and Erkee are knowledgeable. Mind blowing scenary. Cons: once season ended experience changed for me. They changed accomodations, kitchen was 100 meters away outside walk negative temp. Getting to town and doing laundry. Monitor own hours. Tips: go in season. Use company clothes, shoes. Have fun!

9 meses atrás


Villa Lanca was the first work-exchange arrangement I tried, and it couldn't have been better. Satu is an incredible person, she made me feel at home from the moment we met in the airport. Inari is stunning, and by going in the fall the odds that you see the Northern lights are extremely high. Inari is much more than that, though. It is extremely rich in culture and it has some great hikes, too. Concerning the work, Satu never asked me to do anything over the top, she'd usually ask me what I wanted to do and never has she treated me as anyhing less than a friend. If Id go back? No doubt!

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Aunque las tareas que resultó desempeñar no eran mucho de mi agrado el trato de los anfitriones y la oportunidad de hospedarse en el precioso pueblo de Inari lo convierten en una experiencia insólita; sobre todo durante la fría nieve del invierno

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Villa Lanca is perhaps the quintessential volunteer opportunity: Its perfectly balanced, deeply immersive, and completely enthralling. The hosts treat you like family upon arrival and always make your needs an immediate priority. You’re exposed to work that is varied, engrossing, and FUN! The landscape is otherworldly and utterly breathtaking. This was a superior experience that I will never forget. Villa Lanca should be at the top of every Worldpacker’s list!

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