Viva la Vida Family

The experience you will live here with cambodian children will make a big impact in your life. You will live in small countryside village and experience the real khmer culture, as we mostly only work with khmer and you will be surrounded by beautiful and strong children. You will understand about the simplicity of life and feel moved by the children's heart and sweetness. Most volunteers say they learn more things from the children compared to the things they teach and most of them don't want to leave this place after a while. You will realize that when you are helping someone, you are actually helping yourself!!

Nicola and Carmen are managing the Viva la Vida Cultural Center together with our cambodian team, made of Saran (manager of the school), Bon Kein (responsible for the domestic tasks and taking care about the children most in need), our teachers (Vanda and Dary). You will live in a community, feeling to live in a big family, surrounded by beautiful and strong children. You will feel at home.

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