Vive Alegria Hostel

En el hostal todos hacemos equipo y juntos damos el mejor servicio a nuestros huéspedes. Un vecindario que permite salir a caminar y hacer recorridos a pie muy agradables. Estamos en zona céntrica y para llegar a la playa, solo caminas 2 calles. Estamos frente al supermarket, hay una ciclovía y a la parada de autobús justo a 20 metros!!

In the hostel we all team up and together we give the best service to our guests. A neighborhood that allows you to go for a walk and make very pleasant walking tours. We are in central area and walking to the beach (2 blocks). In front of the supermarket, bike path and the bus stop.

Me gusta el servicio al cliente. Llevo muchos años dedicándome a las rentas vacacionales y este es uno de mis negocios el cual realmente disfruto, además cuento con experiencia para coordinar a las personas y hacer las cosas en equipo. La gente tiene claro lo que esperamos de ellos porque hay un programa para lograr los objetivos. I like customer service. I have been dedicated to vacation rentals for many years. This is one of my businesses and I love this, besides I have the experience to coordinate people and do things right. I like the helpful and empathetic people to collaborate. I am very direct and organized. People are clear about what we expect from them because there is a program but more important is that we find a way for all of us to team up. We like to work in team.

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Vive Alegria hostel fue mi primera experiencia haciendo un voluntariado en worldpackers y me alegra mucho que haya sido donde Inés y Lolve (y donde su perrita Amorcito) . Nos trataron muy bien a los voluntarios y tuvimos harta flexibilidad por la temporada turística en la que se encontraban, por lo mismo me ayudo a relajarme porque venía con un ritmo demasiado rápido y estructurado jaja Se los agradezco, por compartir, por el intercambio, la flexibilidad y esa ida al temazcal qué se lleva en el corazón como aprendizaje, espero que todo siga bien siempre con ustedes y en ustedes!! Un abrazo!!

2 meses atrás

Ines respondeu

Muchas gracias por tus aportaciones y ya te mandaré fotos cuando acabemos los proyectos que teníamos.

France, Metropolitan


incredible experience at the hostel Vive Alegria. It was my first experience as a volunteer and it went really well. The work and working hours are not complicated, and Ines and Ania are very kind and caring people. I was able to discover Mexican culture and certain traditions thanks to them. I really enjoyed these 3 weeks in the heart of a hostel and Mexican life.

2 meses atrás

Ines respondeu

Gracias por tu tiempo y por compartir las experiencias. Haber pasado el huracán fue sin duda una experiencia adicional, sin luz! y las risas y buena compañía fue de gran ayuda. Gracias por tu retrolimentación. Es de gran valor!. Buen viaje y sigue el surfing!!

Estados Unidos


This location is truly beautiful. In a great location for all the things you need, but also not in the hustle, loud and overly touristy parts of PV. Ines, Victor and the rest of the staff are all respectful and kind. When there were miscommunications on tasks, they were quickly resolved. My off time and the agreed hours to volunteer were respected, which made it easy for me to keep to my remote work hours and enjoy PV.

9 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


I very much enjoyed my time painting murals at the hostel! Ines was a great host and it was fun to meet other volunteers. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a hostel experience!

10 meses atrás



I had a great time because of the other volunteers at the hostel but probably would've left earlier otherwise.
Communication with Inés was a bit difficult. It was never made clear what our tasks were during our shifts and since there were 4 volunteers and almost no guests during the entire time I was there, there wasn't much to do after cleaning. I tried to do my work responsibky but it was difficult to please Inés.
Some of the info on the platform was inaccurate/ misleading (no breakfast or any other meal provided, some of the photos were not from the hostel but other properties they own).

11 meses atrás

Ines respondeu

I thank for Nina´s time and I hope one day she might realize the opportunity of not waste time sleeping.
I did communicate my intention of letting all about the place clean because we where full on holidays.

It's a pity that she didn't take advantage of all the opportunity of not pay for a nice bed, treated as family with respect. The volunteers were unable to communicate with her nor worked as a team with her. The staff and volunteers expressed annoyance for her lack of respect for sharing spaces.
Nina doesn't know how to take a broom or squeeze a mop. Not wash properly a rag.
I was my first bad experience with a young lady.

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