Voluntariado Ecologico Ekachakra

It is a program designed especially for those who want to experience a different lifestyle, sharing with nature and the life of meditation, in addition, you can be a participant in sustainable activities such as; The work of organic crops, eco-constructions, vegetarian cuisine, etc. And at the same time experiencing, the stillness and harmony bestowed by yoga and meditation. What is the volunteer program? It consists of a series of activities which will actively participate.   8:30 AM - Breakfast   9:00 AM - Volunteering (4,5 hours approximately)   2:00 PM - Lunch   8:00 PM - Dinner In the afternoon: Optional activities (subject to availability) consisting of hatha yoga, art classes, ecological walks, cooking workshop. cost For 3 days or less the value is $ 8500 and $ 6500 in tent. The cost of volunteering for more than 3 days is $ 7000 ($ 13) a day in the cabins and $ 5,500 (10 dollars) in tent, which can be paid at the same time you enter our farm or can cancel on a daily basis , And is entitled to breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cabins have beds, bath, shower with hot and cold water.

Ekachakra receives volunteers from different parts of the world come to Eka Chakra to discover their skills, get in touch with Mother Earth, help us develop our community, meet new people and enjoy a new experience.


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Una oportunidad increíble! Me sentí en casa, pude conocer mucho de una vida sustentable y sana, las personas son muy amables, lo espacio es lindo y hay una conexión hermosa con la naturaleza! Gracias por todo, fueran días lindos ❤️


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