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You are our Family :) We are Thai :) We are the group of Multi religious people :) Manage by Christian , Buddhism , Muslim and Hinduism Team :) What makes it awesome is the opportunity to help Thai children! Staying in the Thong Tos Foundation you will have the chance to know the Thai culture guided by adorable people. They will make you feel like home, introducing wonderful places and you're gonna feel totally comfortable in their country. Join us and your exchange will be based in helping!!! And the best part is: you're totally free, the volunteer program have no rules and if you are not a teacher you will learn how to do it in a very magic way. Surely it will be one of the most incredible experiences in your life. Written by Flavia The First Volunteer from Worldpackers Our Coach for training new volunteer :) PS : "Besides Bangkok, we also have 2-3 places that can provide Free Room for Volunteer but it in Karnchanaburi / Ayutthaya / Krabi / Trad and Kao Yai Area but you have to finished Bangkok Teaching job at least 2 weeks" PS : We are the team under " Stop Drink Project " so no allowance for drunk :)


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I think voluntering there was amazing!
Really nice Thai people staying there, I meet others volunteers as well and I had really good times with the kids!! We teach english 1 hour at 10am; and again 12:30-14:30 then we got plenty of time to explore the massive city! I really liked the experience and i will recomment it to everyone. Food wasn't for free but super nice and cheap market really really close to the Fundation.
Thankss for the 2 weeks, was a pleasure xxx

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teaching English to children in Bangkok was a very beautiful experience for me. The students are lovely! The teenagers are very messers and this made me respect even more the work of teachers.
The accommodation is not good. the kitchen sink is in the boys' bathroom, this is not at all hygienic.
In addition, the fee for the sheets is not reported on the job offer. And attention, do not accept the transportation that the school indicates. is almost double the price of the normal taxi.

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My experience in the foundation was really great! I stayed there 4 weeks and had the chance to learn a lot with everyone! The kids are great, It was maximum 2 hours teach per day, so you have a lot of free time to enjoy Bangkok! I met amazing people there, the environment was always fun and I made friends for life! I definitely recommend this experience for everyone!

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I was very upset when I first arrived as there was no one to greet me and I could not get hold of Winyoo (the organiser). When I was finally let into my accommodation after some hassle, it was incredibly unhygienic and obvious that the place had not been cleaned for a very long time - there were insects and toenails everywhere... I also stayed here for 2 weeks on my own which was very lonely.

Asides the above, I loved teaching the children as they were very sweet and playful! Though the local teachers with me didn’t speak English, they were very welcoming and helpful at all times :)

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Winyoo respondeu

By the name of this host .
Sorry for the problem of insects. I will tell the host about this problem when he came and We will order our volunteer staff to clean this building very soon.

Thank you for the feed back :)

Volunteer English Bangkok


What can I say? It was my first volunteering experience and I really really really enjoyed it.
The hosts are great and the kids are so sweet and fun and willing to learn!
I definitely recommend it!

4 meses atrás

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