Volunteer helping Youngsters with Autism & Developmental needs (Vietnam)

Because: - Low cost but you will be in the city center, with beautiful West Lake space - Participants have a full experience of local culture such as landscapes, cultural identities and special understanding of children with autism -Create joy for the participants when helping others, creating a humanities meaning In addition, your spare time will go exploring the famous landmarks of the northwest as well as our incredibly beautiful waters

I'm an Educational Specialist who recently started 'Our Story' to help children with developmental issues. I’ve (Nguyễn Thị Thu) a Bachelor of social science. With love of the community, I always want to support difficult circumstances, to make them a better life, especially in a developing country


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The host is very welcoming and everyone really treat you in a kind way. The bed and bathroom are ok (if you’re not difficult). The student are also so sweat. I would very recommend to try to learn some basic Vietnamese word before going there to help to teach them so that you can speak a little bit with them. For the class, I thought it was missing a bit of organization, especially since it’s with autistic student. Also, most intervention with the student aren’t done in a calm way (I didn’t approve this method of intervention and that’s why I left 1 week early; 3 week instead of 4).

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Nguyen respondeu

Thank you for the experience. With a developing country and a charity that hasn't called for donations like us, everything is perfect. Thank you for your feedback, but since you are inexperienced and know about autism, you will rate it as not good when we verbally ask students to calm down. I understand and am very sad for explaining, for you to witness and you have understood but in fact you do not understand. and especially, you're leaving for the sake of your travel, not that. I am very sad that you did not pay us as we registered on the organization. that's unprofessional and you're also trying to avoid it. Thank you!

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