Volunteering at English Cafe in Busan South Korea

The best place to enjoy your traveling and staying in Korea. Meeting a life of friends from Korea and all of the world. Learning and experiencing everything about Korea.

I started this project, named LanCul (Language and Culture) for foreign travelers to meet Korean friends and learn Korean language and culture as well as Korean English learners to meet foreign friends and talk in English with them. Our community provides warm and lively space to Korean students and volunteers to interact each other. They meet and talk in English about a variety of topics, cultures and ideas. Foreign community members can also share their experience and information with other volunteers from all of the world. I am looking for volunteers who can help Korean members improve their English and help run our community.

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Durante mi estadía aquí, pude experimentar un verdadero voluntariado. Realizar mis tareas y organizar mi tiempo para conocer la ciudad e incluso otras que se encuentran cerca. Sin dudar, volvería a ser parte de esta comunidad.

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I stayed in busan for almost 2 months and i can say that my experience in Lzone was just amazing, the host is really nice and the enviroment was super friendly and cozy, i met a lot of people and created a lot of amazing memories, im really glad with the time that i spent there.

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Andy seemed pretty nice and everyone I met was lovely, I couldn’t stay here do to the living conditions. While I don’t expect a perfect pristine place, I did expect it to have a basic level of cleanliness and look more like the photos which seem. Immediately I was shocked by the building which looked abandoned inside and out, but that wasn’t really an issue. The actual cleanliness of the place was pretty disgusting. The work was a bit intimidating and awkward, but it seems like something that could be fun if you get used to it.
The place would need a good deep clean to improve it.

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I really had the time of my life here. It was my first time travelling alone and doing something like this. I was welcomed immediately by the other volunteers. It’s a good location as well, not too crowded. The English cafe is very close to the dorm. There is a subway station 10 min away from the dorm so you can easily explore the rest of Busan as well. I would definitely recommend this place!

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I had so much fun here for 2.5 months. Everyone was friendly and thankfully when I arrived people in the dorms were introverted but social. Facilities were pretty clean and people in the dorm left to clean as and when they saw fit (weekly but when they wanted). Plently of group activities. Although vibes within the house towards the end werent great due to some people being overly touchy and clingy with others without consent but other than that no real issues.

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