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A Volunteer should choose our place because we have been doing this work of hosting volunteers since 2010 and have received more than 3000 volunteers. We have the experience, and above all, we have great projects where we place all our volunteers.

I started Volunteers 2 Uganda in 2010, currently we have a great team that welcomes an keeps volunteers hospitable. Volunteers should expect to make another family away from where they are coming from


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This experience was a real eye opener. Interaction with the kids at the orphanage made me realize&appreciate how much privilege I have.
You should expect to be blown away. You might even shed a tear or two when you meet the kids and hear their stories(I did😢). The world is truly a cruel place for the innocents.
As to be expected, the orphanage has alot of financial needs, i wish I could do more for them financially, but we can only do so much as volunteers.
The host and his family were very accommodating.
There was hot shower.
The meals were delicious
It felt like a home away from home.

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Foi perfeito o tempo que estive lá, foi exatamente o que esperava, as pessoas local, os outros voluntariado que estavam ali comigo. super recomendo

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It was a transformative experience. A mix of feelings. Those kids taught us a lot. I recommend everyone to have a similar experience.

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Be prepared to have the most beautiful experience of love from the kids, they histories of life make u feel more grateful of everything in life! I will go back for sure! About the process since u apply just make sure about the fees, we paid more than a double that was in the app each person, the food is really different from USA and Brazil also make sure about transportation from the accommodation to the Centre where u work, we agreed with the host to pick up and drop off us every day because there is only taxi by moto which for me and my friend doesn't work! Btw the best experience of ou life

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words cannot describe emotions
they need to be felt,
The tears of compassion

Experience taught me how to open and live through the heart.
I realised what home really means.
I definitely recommend it


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