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I went as a photographer for Sultan and I had a great time!
The landscapes are amazing. The camp, in which I had the chance to sleep most of the time, is comfortable, very well placed and the food was very good.
Sultan, and his family, really made me live the bedouin way from the clothes and the food to the gathering around the fire at night and of course, the tea!

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Sultan and his family are great hosts! They are friendly and chatty. I learnt a lot about the beduin culture, traditions, food and heard a lot of interesting stories. The location is just unbeatable! Amazing as if you were in a movie set! The chores to do are basic, simple, and some tech help involved. It's helping in the village house and sometimes in the camp too. You'll never regret it!! Would've loved to stay longer!

11 meses atrás



Hi, I was supposed to stay in this camp for 3 weeks but I only stayed one week because there have been communication issues (nicely said). For that one week I did nothing, only remained at the camp, no tours no nothing, because whenever I asked about volunteering, Sultan never had time or always said that 'later'. At last, after staying in the camp for a week I was informed that I cannot stay there anymore and will be staying with Sultan in HIS house alone, which was not previously discussed and was unacceptable to me. So as for me, not a good experience and I wouldn't recommend it.

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The experience was amazing, the host was wonderful and we had enough time to explore Jordan on our own.

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