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We are in the most romantic area on the Middelrhine with a lot of Castels and a lot to see. Your winery is still very small but we like to houst people and we like to show you in the different times of the year what you need to do to get a perfect wine. Only to now the picking is not always at the same days we starting around 25 of September until the End of October but we do not pick the complete period... this depends on the weather.

The cellar work is done by me Melanie and i have a second worker witch do the Maschine work in the win yards. In different periods when it is needed we organize more workers for help. Only for the Greap picking we need a lot of People witch normally is a funny Group mixed of Worldpackers and others witch picks the Greps

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I really felt at home here: Melanie was always very nice and helpful, I fell in love with her 2 little boys and also with the town and the wonderful Rhine surroundings. You're expected to be a helpful member of the family, taking care of the kids sometimes and helping in the kitchen. But also she makes sure you have all you need. I had higher expectations about learning, but I think there were good reasons for that: I was there for only 2 weeks, working by myself and Melanie was alone taking care of everything because her husband was traveling. Hopefully I can come back for grape picking! :D

3 meses atrás


I really enjoyed my stay with Melanie & her family. I was there for 5 weeks taking care of the kids, specially of the baby. And cleaning the house as well. I combined my stay taking a German course which we had previosuly agreed and they were very flexible and helpful with that. I think this combination was the best.
The house is very nice and comfortable & the area where they live is amazing. If you want to disconnect & be in nature, this is your place. But also take into account what living with another family & with kids means. With all its good and less good things. Thanks for everything!

4 meses atrás


Me gusto mucho, hubiera querido aprender más sobre las plantas y el proceso para hacer el vino tuve que irme antes. El trabajo es pesado cuando hay mucho sol pero Melanie lo comprende y puedes descansar si hace demasiado calor. Lo difícil es el terreno, debes de ir preparado con buenas botas antiderrapantes y un sombrero (en verano). Solo estábamos 2 personas en el campo, pensé que había mas voluntarios, me hubiera gustado compartir la experiencia con más personas. La convivencia con la familia fue buena, tienen 2 niños pequeños y aveces hay que cuidarlos un poco, tienen mucha energía.

4 meses atrás


The house's confortable, with a nice terrace & view!!!
You can hike around the town, ride a bike to the neighbor ones. As it is small, 2/3 weeks are enough.
The job's hard (my first time working in the land), but it worthed: incredible views!!! Hopefuly they lent me proper boots!
The idea is to feel like home, so: ask for what you need from the supermarket; help cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children; drink some GOOD wine (including a wine tasting at the cellar).
Bring good vibes & experience the daily german&italian family life: joy&funny moments, the mass&annoying things!

5 meses atrás

Melanie respondeu

yes i now but it is not always possible. the key problematic was solved by a key box witch was broken some days before you came.

i look always that people can stay in some ways together with are ok together.

tanks a lot for your help


Great times with amazing people. Deftly a destination for you that loves the wine world. You will be working in breath taking view direct with the vignard and different tasks. I had also the opportunity to have an amazing visit to their cellars and to taste many different wines. Thank you Melanie and family for this great times.

5 meses atrás

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