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Our guest has the right to excursions around the region (we will help you and accompany you if you wish). There are many Roman archaeological sites, not far from our village is Viminacium, once the capital of the Roman province Mesia Superiorum; the Danube river and many Orthodox monasteries are nearby. On the Danube there are two fortresses, Golubac and Ram, the sunset from the Ram Fortress was declared the most beautiful in the world by National Geography. I like to show volunteers the Brnjička Reka canyon and the cave in Duboka. Who wants can join us train aikido too. You can learn to make alcohol (if you're in the right season for it) and grow vegetables. Regarding food, which is very important to note, there are many fasting periods. During this period we do not eat milk, eggs and meat. We will not cook using these ingredients. If you follow our diet, you will feel better, cleaner and mentally stronger. But it is not conditional. My English is mediocre, but my children and wife speak it very well. The sister speaks excellent Italian, German, English and Chinese, the mother speaks German.
We consider our passengers part of the family. We expect them to help us with our daily tasks, for example: to prepare firewood for the winter, to bring firewood into the house in the winter, to look after the garden in the spring, and to water the garden in the summer, to gather hay, to harvest wheat. If you don't feel like it, you don't have to do it. You will surely find your way to be helpful. You shouldn't do anything you don't like or want to do. Especially if you are not sure about it. Safety first!

In the meantime, we eat together, drink coffee or tea together, laugh together and drive around the region together!
We appreciate the flexibility of our guests regarding working hours. We have quite a few religious holidays. These days we don't have hard work, we go to church and take guests sightseeing. You are free to do something yourself. But it may happen that we need your help sometimes more than five hours a day.

Our family lives in the village of Desine on the "Itinerarium Romanum Serbiae" (part of the Route of the Roman Emperors). My name is Miloš (born in 1971) and I am a priest from this village, I also work as a teacher and farmer, my wife's name is Dragana (1973), we have five children. The eldest son (1998) is at home and works in the neighborhood in agriculture, the second son Milan (2000) is studying theology in Belgrade, the third son Stefan (2002) graduated from agricultural school. He is also at home helping out on our ranch and in the neighborhood, working as an excavator. The two youngest daughters go to school. Marija (2004) goes to high school in Veliki Gradište, and Jana (2008) to elementary school in Srednjevo. Grandma Vera (1945) lives on the second floor of the house and mostly prepares the meals. They all live together in a house near the church. They all care about the church. It is the Serbian Orthodox Church. On Sundays, there is a service, and after the service, believers come to the house to have coffee, drinks, biscuits or the like, and the most important thing is to exchange their opinions. There is also a lot of agriculture. Vegetables and fruits are produced themselves. They have: chickens, pigs, sheep, cats and dogs. The water comes from a well. Sometimes, depending on weather conditions, power outages may occur. Internet is provided. We have a lot of neighbors and they visit us very often. My sister's name is Marina (1968) and from time to time she and her husband (1956) visit Desina. You will feel a very warm family atmosphere and enjoy good and healthy meals. We expect mutual respect and honesty. We are very simple and there is enough space for laughter and discussion. Your opinion is welcome. In our communication, always ask the person you are communicating with (perhaps an additional e-mail address or mobile phone number). There are many of us here and it is important that we communicate good and accurate information to avoid misinterpretations or misunderstandings. We can accommodate one person, but in the past we have accommodated multiple people, even families. If there is a need, we help if we can.

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Milos is a very good host, it was my first volunteer experience and first time doing farm and he was very comprehensible, his mother makes a very good food.

outsite of the tasks is a very nice person to talk with and can invite you to other activities like Aikido or some church activities.

is a good experience to be in touch with nature, there is a house for the volunteers, it doesn't have wifi and is 5 minutes away of the family house.

5 dias atrás



If what you are looking for is to get to know the culture and live with a Serbian family, with farm work, this is the place for you. If you also want to work and depend on Wi-Fi, I would say no. The volunteer house is far from the homestay where there is internet. Since the volunteer house is far away from the family house where there is internet. It would also be an experience that I would recommend more for couples. The family is super friendly and will take care of you as a member of the family.

3 meses atrás



it was a great experience! the hosts were very hospitable always cheerful and cared about my comfort, creating a family atmosphere. the day goes by quickly, without getting bored. the jobs are easy and the hosts always respect your potential. there is always delicious food and juices at home. I learned a lot about plants and animals and got in touch with nature. an unforgettable experience that I will definitely want to repeat because mainly the people made it special. I meet a lot of people from village, very friendly and also learned the Serbian history and language.

4 meses atrás



Es un voluntariado perfecto si quieres desconectarte, estar tranquilo, reflexionar y aprender sobre el campo. Las tareas se asignan dependiendo a tus habilidades así que siempre están en consideración contigo, eso es bueno por que no hay tareas pesadas para ti. Además, si no sabes hacerlas ellos te explican muy bien cómo hacerlas. La familia prepara una comida muy deliciosa 🤤 y te integran a sus planes. I hope see you again and thanks for every knowledge, I learned many things about the farms.

5 meses atrás

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This was my first experience with World packers wasn’t what I expected. Work was really good we only worked four hours a day picking up wood and helping transport it or picking up fruit. The host was good the grandmas food reminded me of my mom in a way. Very good home cooked meals. Did go through unexpected things and gained new fears I didn’t have with using this site before but overall it was a good experience I learned a lot it’s all for the plot line at the end of the day. Milo’s and his family were all very nice to us at times. I appreciated the time I spent on the farm nonetheless.

6 meses atrás

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