We are an open minded couple with a lovable young hooligan dog and a retired lassie collie, living in the French countryside.
We are very rural, in a small hamlet just outside of the village, there is no public transport, bars, shops etc.
Our nightlife consists of star gazing or country walks in summer time and watching movies or playing board games in the winter.
The house is a typical French stone cottage with heating in all rooms, we live as a group sharing bathrooms and eating together.

We live together in house as a group, we normally have 2 shower rooms (one currently under reconstruction) and bedrooms are in house. In high summer if needed we also offer bedrooms in a large cotton tent. We make bread daily, and cake biscuits etc are normally on the table to help yourself to. We make English beer and normally offer beer or wine with the evening meal once the working hours are finished.


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It is a very nice place around it, the dogs are very friendly and excellent company, we learned to do different things but the one we enjoyed the most was the gardening part, but being able to learn how to make beer and yogurt was fun, the favorite part of Our stay was the food, being able to enjoy those wonderful dishes was amazing

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First of all, John and Ross were really kind on receiving us even though we had no experience on the things they usually need. They were always patient and explained what had to be done and more (we learned how to use tools we didn´t even know existed).
Your English skills will improve, no doubt. Whether it is with the names of things as small as a dustpan or as weird as a center punch!
Pam and I will definitely miss the food and desserts; I can assure you, you will love it! Ross ´s food is delicious. The dogs, Obi and Nuki will make you feel happy :)
Thank you for everything, Ross&John!

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We felt very welcomed by John & Rosslyn! They live very remotely and it is a 30km round trip bike ride to the closest town. It is a nice place to get out of the city and experience the French countryside. They have two very friendly dogs. They love to talk and engage and the cooking is always amazing - we were very well fed.

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Estados Unidos


This is a good place to start a worldpackers experience. very laid back and comfortable place to start.you are not asked to do something you are not able to perform. hosts try and cook things you may like to eat. there is plenty to do to keep you busy.

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República Checa


This was my first traveling experience ever and it was great. John and Rosslyn were very kind and warm during my whole stay. The environment is very cozy and quiet. It is a bit cut off from civilization which might be good to know for some in before hand. The working hours were barely reached and the work wasnt very tiresome, although that might be down to my stay taking place during late autumn.

All in all I enjoyed my stay a lot, being able to take a brake from my city life and getting recharged for my upcoming studies.

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