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Will & Tate Citystay The Hague is a place like no other. It all started in 2014 when the former owners created KingKool. A home away from home for travelers all around the world, myself included. I fell in love with the vibes, the beautiful city, and the kick-ass people I met here. Now, Will & Tate builds on the foundations of KingKool. Residing in a big, unique building right in the center of The Hague, Will & Tate is a unique combination of private, creative, and eclectic hotel rooms and apartments and a youthful, vibrant hostel that makes traveling affordable for every budget. Therefore, you'll find a unique mix of guests: they come from all over the world, from every age group, background, and profession.

Our biggest mission is to ensure our guests are not just happy with their stay at Will & Tate, but we want them to truly experience The Hague. That's why we encourage our staff to get out there and explore the city, find new experiences, and share them with our guests. Does that sound like you? Well, don't hesitate and shoot me a message! I'd love to hear from you.

At Will & Tate, the most important thing to us is that everybody feels welcome and included – and of course, that also applies to our staff. With so much to do around here – concerts, the beach, skating, museums, nightlife, restaurants, and art – you can always find someone who wants to go out and do something fun. We encourage everybody to really get to know each other, so we organize family dinners, nights out, and play games. Over the years, our family has grown into a big jumble of people from all around the world that still find their way back to us. And that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside... to stay in touch, and even have them visit or volunteer again.

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My experience was amazing I made many friends The work is not hard, there is good work organization The food is also good, I recommend it. Deedee is an excellent leader for coworkers ig I felt very happy I hope to return in summer

29 dias atrás



I had an incredible experience at Will&Tate Citystay, both socially and culturally, with wonderful staff and a team of volunteers that I won't soon forget. It was one of the most memorable experience I've done abroad, and I hope to see this little family again as soon as possible.
I highly recommend it !

2 meses atrás



Will and Tate was my first hostel experience and I loved it. The other volunteers welcomed me so friendly and I was very sad, when I had to leave them. Also the fact that some of them came to the hostel a second time or extended their stay shows, that this is a good place. Not only the volunteers made this experience so special… the whole hostel is just amazing. Everyone is so friendly and the work was easy. I can recommend this hostel to everyone and I would do it again for sure. Thank you 🧡

2 meses atrás



Uma experiência maravilhosa. A estrutura do hostel é muito bom e o grupo de voluntários foi perfeito para me sentir confortável e me divertir bastante. Todos no hostel são muito amáveis. Recomendo.

2 meses atrás



When I arrived, the other volunteers and workers welcomed me very warm and nicely. In general it was an amazing time and I made a lot of new friends. The volunteers spend a lot if time together and it is always fun! The work is also exactly how it is discribed. I was there off season so the work wasn‘t really hard and Deedee explained everything really well. I would totally recommend this volunteering experience to everyone who wants to have a great time in an amazing city!

3 meses atrás

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