Willy Wallace Hostel

Exceptionally friendly, spacious and cozy backpacker hostel. It has an excellent location in the centre of Stirling just 2 minutes walk from the station, in an interesting ornate Victorian building. Free WIFI, Internet use and Tea/Coffee to all residents - large comfortable sitting room and great kitchen. We are already establishing a reputation as one of Scotlands best hostels. Decor is attractive, colourful and unique. Stirling - in the heart of Braveheart country is not to be missed!

In exchange of about 16-20 hours of help per week on what needs to be done in the hostel, we offer an accommodation reserved only for the staff crew. You will be staying at the Willy Wallace Hostel, 77 Murray Pl. FK8 1AU, right in the city centre. We're 50min away from Edinburgh and 40min away from Glasgow by bus or train. Or if you're more like an outdoor person, the Stirling is known as the gateway to the Highlands! Long wild walks to do do all around the town. Every kitchen utensils you need are in the kitchen. We have staff fridges where you can occupy a shelf; or you can also take a tray to store the rest of your food in a tray holder. And of course a wifi internet connection, and access to laundry and our lounge with its activities. Apart from our work-in-exchange-for-accommodation package we offer an opportunity to make friends with our international staff team!

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Willy Wallace hostel is a great place to stay, great location, cosy accommodation, new and clean kitchen! I really enjoyed working there, especially at the reception. The many encounters you make everyday in this cosy hostel makes the whole experience memorable. The only things I found disappointing was the change of schedule with longer working hours (6h/day) in the end and the fact that we had to promptly leave the hostel because of the Covid-19 situation... but before all of these bad news, my stay at the hostel was great and I was really happy of my first volunteering experience. 😊




Volunteer in the hostel was good, the tasks in reception and cleaning are quite easy. The hours of volunteer are very good also. The only problem was the bad communication when they need to close the hostel because of coronavirus.




I volunteered for 1 week at the hostel. The hours are fair, the work is pretty easy, which include cleaning/reception tasks. Unfortunately, I was in the period when Coronavirus situation came up. The attitude of the owners was kick the volunteers out without giving us any support. We were only given 5 days to find another place. The volunteer program is an exchange, regardless of the situation, if we are working or in need of help. It seems to me that as long as we suit as volunteers, everything is fine. But, in a moment of need, ignoring seemed to be most convenient attitude by these owners.




that’s was my first experience as a volunteer.

I really enjoyed to be a volunteer.

I spent 1 week because the situation coronavirus growed and i had to leave of the Hostel and find another place to stay.

This situations wasn’t good but i had to be flexible.

What can i say about Stirling? it is a amazing city and i recomend for everyone to visit this city.




I totally recommend going to Willy Wallace Hostel!
It was my first experience as a volunteer in a hostel and I can tell that the atmosphere was really cool and the shifts are fair. I met a lot of people from all over the world and I made good friends, practicing English, and travel around Scotland. I cannot be thankful enough for this opportunity! Thanks to Yann, Emmy and Alexia!


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