Yachana Foudation

Estamos ubicados en la región amazónica del Ecuador.
Estamos enfocados en conservación, educación y permacultura.
Trabajamos desde 1991 en la Amazonía Ecuatoriana.
Contamos con instalaciones adecuadas y servicios de agua, luz, internet, alimentación y hospedaje.
Tenemos diferentes áreas para aprendizaje práctico.
Yachana tiene una reserva natural de 1000 hectáreas, con una gran diversidad de plantas y animales silvestres
Estamos en las plataformas y creamos contenido educativo en las redes sociales, en TikTok, Facebook, Instagram y YouTube.

Somos un grupo unido, relajados, la mayoría crecimos en la Amazonía, comprometidos con la conservación, trabajamos en equipo. Los voluntarios serán tratados con el debido respeto y permitiéndoles desarrollar todas sus habilidades dentro de nuestro entorno natural y social.


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I can't say enough good things about Yachana. They truly care about the social and environmental work they do. They are constantly working to better the area in a way that benefits sustainability and the local people. I feel like other volunteers would get a lot of fulfillment out of it! The project is gorgeous and I saw some of the most amazing wildlife. More than that, the activities I got to join in on I'll remember forever. Waterfalls, caves, river canoes, and more! Volunteers here will learn about the earth, how to learn from it, and make a lot of great memories :)

Thanks Yachana!

1 mês atrás



My Experience in the Yachana Fundation was great. I like how they organise everything there and which goals they have. The time when I was there the school was great, after a month it was closed because of vacation, it was a little sad because I thought I have more classes with the kids. I would recommend to stay a little longer to get the full experience! Everyone who works there is pretty nice and helps. The food is pretty good, a lot of rice☺️

2 meses atrás



My stay at Yachana was amazing. I loved everything about it and met some of the most inspiring people. The work was meaningful and the kids are willing to learn. Douglas, David and Robert make u feel extremely welcome and makes the place magical. In the weekend u get to go on a lot of tours, discover the Amazon and be with local people. It’s a beautiful place and the teachers at the school are so welcoming. I recommend this experience to everyone and I can’t wait to come back some day.

3 meses atrás



I really enjoyed my experience at Yachana. You are immersed in the nature of the Amazon as well as the local culture. They provide amazing rooms but you may be moved around a lot, reasonably reliable wifi, and drinkable water as well as 3 meals. We got to participate in activities if there were guests staying at the lodge as well. The staff is incredibly helpful and kind. You really do feel like you’re making a difference at the local school but you work more than advertised on the site. Not anything too bad, usually about 25h a week. Overall an amazing experience I would 100% recommend!

5 meses atrás



My experience at Yachana foundation was amazing. The people were amazing, so friendly and welcoming. The area was beautiful and our rooms were nice! I say “rooms” because we were moved around a couple times due to last minute events. We did receive 3 meals a day and they were delicious! Especially when they are hosting guest! They had so many activities for us to do such as Amazon forest walks, day and night. Bird watching, tubing on the river! We went to 2 different waterfalls that were just absolutely amazing and we were even able to go visit a cave! But you may work over the agreed hours.

5 meses atrás

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