Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat Sagasfeld

Our focus is cultural exchange. In addition to the experiences that you will make in the many different volunteer tasks, you can learn a lot: German language lessons, Yoga lessons, sometimes making music together at the fireplace...

Do you want to learn German?
Many things are much easier with some knowledge of the German language. That is why we offer a free language course once a week.

We are very cosmopolitan and live together in a wellness village with lots of nature, yoga and Ayurveda. But we are not mega esoteric but very down to earth. Being friendly and open minded probably sums it up quite well.


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Arrive to Sagasfeld was find a place of calm and self learning. The workers are very nice and try to make you feel good, they give you different spaces for enjoy and relax. The work it's not heavy, less housekeeping that it's too much for only one person, i applied for gardering and finally i only made that two days (seems a little that the boys can'tclean). In despite of that, i felt realy well there and it's very good place, moreover if it's your first volunteering. I recommend this place if you are searching a place for desconnect the mind and meet beautifully villages to arround.

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I had a great experience in Sagasfeld ! The place is really beautiful and the room for the workys is very pretty and comfortable ! Food was also good, a little repetitive sometimes but very tasty. About the tasks, they were a little exhausting sometimes (especially Housekeeping and Gardening). Negative points : sometimes you were alone doing the work, which increased the difficulty and the responsibility of it, and also I had the impression that only girls were doing all the cleaning work :/ (guys can also clean remember! ). Despite that, I had an amazing time with the others workys ! :))

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My time at Sagasfeld didn’t go as expected, but was still an enjoyable experience due to friendly staff and other wonderful volunteers. However, the expected role that I was to carry out didn’t align with the tasks I actually had to complete. I signed up to be a bartender, but upon arrival, I soon learned “ the challenge of Sagasfeld,” is to undertake different roles. These include kitchen, hand, service, housekeeping, Gardening. I wasn’t happy about the lack of transparency regarding the roles, especially since this was something I’d communicated with them from the start. So, Just a heads up.

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Olaf respondeu

It's almost funny again, if it weren't so sad... we informed you in writing in advance about the various tasks, we even did a video conference with you, where we once again explained exactly what tasks are in Sagasfeld Waiting for you, we pointed out in advance that you have to speak a little German for the work in the service in the restaurant, it was of no use and just because you didn't listen to us properly, you give us 3 stars... can you wouldn't make it up :-) It is what it is, you still did a great job, even if it was completely different from what you expected before... but you know what? This is exactly what internships and trips to foreign countries are for :-) Olaf

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The 6 hours work a day was strangely draining and I’m used to 12+. If you are coming for yoga/ Ayurveda I wouldn’t recommend. I learnt about some Ayurveda from Dr Paul but due to our meal times and eating leftovers for lunch it’s impossible to follow an Ayurvedic diet. My first room was amazing and everything was so clean. It is in a very remote area, this can be nice to be out of big cities. Andreas H, Sarah, Dr Paul and Lea (yoga teacher) were all very lovely and spent time with us volunteers. These people and the volunteers are what made it so great, there was a great sense of community.

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Olaf respondeu

It is very important that volunteers do not have false expectations prior to arrival. For this reason, I would like to underline and repeat Mia's statement on the subject of food. In fact, there is not Ayurveda food for the employees every day. There's free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and soft drinks. And it's true that at lunchtime there might be "just" a salad or a soup. For the afternoon there is also fruit, cake and biscuits. The catering is good, but please do not expect us to cook special Ayurveda diets for you or to prepare a la carte meals. A host is not Hotel Mama and we are with Workaway and not Holidayaway. This is sometimes forgotten by the volunteers :-)

Ilha Heard e Ilhas McDonald


This was my first Worldpackers experience. I really enjoyed it even though I had to cut my trip short..
I only tried the housekeeping, it was okey,exhausting but okey.
The people were amazing all the staff and voulenteeres were welcoming and made sure that you felt comfortable from when you first arrived. The food was also veery good.
I would say it’s safe to hitchhike from Hitzacker, but off course you have to watch out for the creeps
Bring snacks, long wait between meals
Sum up: exhausting shifts (in my case), beautiful nature, bikes, pond, sauna, beautiful people, good food, yoga.I recom

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