Zion Gates Foundation

It is the registered organization in Tanzania doing its operations at National level.
We do have exquisite accommodation ,high security and safety for our volunteers.
We also have adventures trips, wildlife safaris and cultural visits around Tanzania parks and community at low budget.
Our team is very experienced and so deeply passionate in helping others who are in need.

Zion Gates Foundation is a non-governmental organization registered with Reg. No. 00NGO/R/2216 under the Non-governmental Organization Act of 2002 of the United Republic of Tanzania. Zion Gates Foundation aims solely at improving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 1, 2, 3, 4 and 13. We at Zion Gates Foundation, focus on eradicating poverty and hunger, achieving a healthy society, combating climate change, promoting quality education and empowering children, women and youth in the society. The aforementioned aspects are stressing societies in most parts of the globe, but it requires both individual efforts and support from societal entities such as us at Zion Gates Foundation, to spearhead towards achieving socio-economic prosperity and welfare in our global societies. OUR TARGETED INDIVIDUALS:- Zion Gates Foundation aims at involving children, women and youth in upping their voices and shading light to their impeccable abilities and skills in bringing fruitful impacts in the society. We aim at involving the aforementioned groups in improving the lives of both their fellows and the society at large. OUR VISION:- We believe that children, women and youth all have the desire and substantial ability to leave a mark on the sustainable developments of a society, so let us level the plain field for them to rise and soar. OUR MISSION:- To promote healthcare, education, protection , environmental sustainability, talents, sports and games for children, youth and women and to promote and empower them to have a positive development and creating the space for amplifying voices and shading light on the astounding plethora of abilities and impacts done by children, women and youth in the socio-economic and sustainable development aspects within our societies. NB: We are so friendly,well organized, professional and very strategic in executing our projects. Our accommodation is a hostel. All volunteers will be at home away from home. We kindly encourage all volunteers to keep in touch with us to make the difference in our community.

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Cosmas is definitely one of the best hosts on the platform and I'm so happy and grateful for having such a great experience as my first one on Worldpackers.
Cosmas not only showed me his country, the people, and the culture, but he also managed to make it feel like a second home for me. He really cares about the safety and well-being of all of his volunteers.
Through Zion Gates, Cosmas also makes a big differences in the local communities.
I stayed for 2 months, but if I had the choice, I would've stayed way longer than that.
So all I can say is asante sana kaka for everything, pamoja sana 💚

12 dias atrás



I had an amazing experience in ZGF. The chance to help local communities, even if it was just a little bit was really rewarding and the cultural exchange was way higher than my expectations.

Cosmas is a wonderful host that is worried about sharing local culture and experiences with the volunteers. He has an amazing heart and is always open to conversations and new ideas.

Although tree planting only happens during rainy season (mar-jul), we did do waste picking in different regions surrounding Kilimanjaro and applied the program "My body is my body", that concerns child protection.

2 meses atrás

Cosmas respondeu

Karibu tena Dada Marina:)
Thank you so much for everything 🙏



I had a great experience at the Zion Gates Foundation. Cosmas taught us a lot about Moshi but also about Tanzania in general. During our stay, we collected waste but also presented the “My body is my body” project to the children. I recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to discover Tanzania and have an incredible experience :)

2 meses atrás

Cosmas respondeu

Thank you so very much Rafiki!
Highly appreciate your support 🙏



Mon expérience au sein de ZGF fut vraiment enrichissante. Je remercie Cosmas pour son accueil chaleureux. Je le remercie également de nous avoir partagé sa culture, son amour pour la Tanzanie et de nous avoir permis d'apporter notre aide dans des missions qui lui tiennent à coeur et qui peuvent sur le long terme (avec beaucoup de travail et de rigueur) impacter positivement Moshi.
La Tanzanie est un pays riche qui a beaucoup a offrir. Alors je conseille à tous de tenter l'aventure car ZGF est une réelle aventure à vivre au moins une fois.
Merci Rafiki pour cette expérience !

3 meses atrás

Cosmas respondeu

It was really nice and unforgettable experience with you Jennifer.
Thank you for your help!
Karibu tena Tanzania Dada



The experience at Zion Gates was truly amazing, I not only had the honour of having Cosmas as my host but also met a lot of incredible people. I highly recommend this experience because not only will you be accommodated but Cosmas will take you around Moshi to see some of the hidden gems and immerse yourself in the local culture. I feel sad that I had to leave.

4 meses atrás

Cosmas respondeu

I had the pleasure of working with Shirley, a volunteer from Zimbabwe, and I must say she was absolutely exceptional. Shirley's dedication and commitment to her work were truly inspiring. She brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm were contagious. I highly recommend Shirley as a volunteer for any organization seeking a motivated and talented individual.
Karibu tena Rafiki ❤️

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