I am a girls from Uruguay, I graduated in International Relations, when I finished the studies I decided to spend some years of my life only traveling on my own around the world. I have been to Europe, Asia and Oceania during my travels. I love see the different cultures and feel them. I realized the best way to feel the countries and learn about their cultures is living like locals in the places. I have lived amazing adventures doing volunteers work in my travels, I want to share my experiences and give motivation to everyone who are interesting about travels. The first step to travel and volunteer is difficult but it is something that no one could never regret it. I speak English, Spanish, Portugués and a little Italian, I am crazy for foreign languages, and I love teaching languages as well. I am here to help others Worldpackers with everything as much as I can.

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She was a helpfull volunteer, thanks for your help:)


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Could you please let me know why 4 starts?? Thank you

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It was an amazing experience, the children are beautiful, the food are amazing, everything was very nice, I really enjoyed this volunteer and I definitely recommend it



It was a great and unforgettable experience, I definitely recommend it



  • Fluente: Espanhol, Inglês e Português
  • Iniciante: Italiano


Sou Ninja!
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Experiências de vida


I studying International Relation at the university Uruguay and I have experiences with computers, and studied English and Portuguese.

Experiências profissionais

I am a waitress, I have experiences working in restaurants in Uruguay, and I was volunteer in a NGO called AIESEC where I helped youngers peoples travel

Experiências de viagem

I always traveled a lot, but my best travel was last year because I went to 37 cities around the Europe and Egypt. I travel alone for 7 months , I made a lot of friends from different countries and In this travel I learnt a lot about cultures and history.

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