Help me to bring resources for rescued cats &dogs through Social media marketing


I need help either managing social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to attract donations for food, medicine, products for cats & dogs, money to take care of the place) We are an NGO and the objective of the hostel is to provide money to keep helping the rescued cats and dogs. We need people to know us more and help us more and I believe we could do it with social media campaings.


24 horas por semana

Fotografia: Tire fotos deslumbrantes.

Produção de vídeo: Crie e produza material em vídeo.

Mídias sociais: Crie ou tome conta das mídias sociais.


1 dia livre por semana

Quarto compartilhado: Conheça uma galera ficando em um quarto compartilhado.

Cozinhar a própria comida: Fique à vontade para usar nossa cozinha.

Bicicletas à vontade: Use nossas bikes à vonts, quando quiser.


Inglês Iniciante ou Espanhol Iniciante

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


I need first of all the general aid volunteer. Then, a person that can help me to run social media platforms and also manage with me my accounts in order to bring attention and donations to our NGO and being able to keep doing our job with the animals. I would expect from you to help me organizing whatever is needed on the social media platforms, (pictures, wording, etc) and to help me to grow my audience.
But also, of course, if you are staying at Pause, you will have to help to maintain the place. There are no maids in here, so we need you to be open and ready to help whenever is needed. (Cleaning after your dishes, the kitchen, or even helping to maintain the hostel ready for guests). Of course, prioritizing the social media, but I want people flexible and willing to help when is needed.

Atividades & Turnos

This would be arranged with you in place (since this is a new position and it will change depending on if I have somebody helping me with the general maintenance or not).


I only expect from you your desire to help, to contribute to this beautiful cause for the rescued animals. I expect from you respect i.e following hostel rules , commitment TO The routine , work hours, etc. and to be ready to help other volunteers.