Volunteering Opportunity

A experiência

In volunteering and cultural exchange programs, we would like to receive volunteers who are willing to help or support us, sharing knowledge or experience, learn local languages and ready to give their energy and time. Additionally, we would like to host worldpackers who are ready to learn, explore our tradition and natural beauties, give their time in the above position. Welcome to Arusha Region,The beautiful region of Touristic Attractions.

Como você ajuda

25 horas por semana

Ajudante de Cozinha: Ajude a preparar, finalizar e servir refeições.

Guia local: Ajude a organizar e guiar tours pela cidade.

Organizar Eventos e Festas: Ajude a organizar e promover festas e atividades sociais.

Administração: Ajude nos sistemas de booking e pagamentos.

O que você ganha

2 dias livres por semana


Inglês Intermediário ou Inglês Intermediário

Entre 18 e 45 anos

Recebe voluntários sozinhos, casais e duplas de voluntários

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


Be ready to help in any possibility you can, we are ready to share every possibility you need or possible to us.

You can contact us directly via WhatsApp number+255757564014 for more details about volunteering program with us.
The director is ready to answer your emails or text all the time.

You can help or support in the following list of volunteering programs;-

1.Helping in teaching different subjects or languages
2. Helping communication and computer skills
3.Helping in HIV and AIDS education and support sanitary pads.
4.Helping in hospitality skills, socially studies, & Tourism knowledge.
5.Helping in website designing and graphics basis knowledge.
6.Helping in social media, fundraising campaign or activities and looking for a child's sponsors education.
7. Helping in empowering youths and women to sustain their life in hands work activities.
All in all, pick a program.

Atividades & Turnos

You are free to pick your preferable program here and get in touch with so that we can discuss on how to get involved.
But any other ideas you have are appreciated if you have any other possible experience.
All activities will be conducted on Weeks days and on weekends, you get to be Free to Rest or visit our local places and attractions , note that ARUSHA region has a lot of National Parks and local places to visit.
We will be free to show you around, get you the best Price to join camping safari in Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, lake Manyara and Tarangire national Parks.


Be ready to learn cultural exchange and ready to explore the beautiful nature of our country.