Building a jungle homestay by The Lotus Lake

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Amazing experience!! Beautiful persons and beautiful nature!
Thanks for all the love and caring you give !
I wish I could stay longer!


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Wichais Jungle Homestay was truly amazing, a one of a kind opportunity and my favorite worktrading experience as of yet (i’ve farmed in the US and taught english in vietnam as well). We worked from 9 am to 12 monday through friday building a mud house. It was hard work shoveling clay into buckets, fetching water from the pond, and laying the bricks but so rewarding to see the structure grow. Afternoons often included authentic Thai cuisine cooked by Nayana, a trip to the pond to cool off, once a hike to a private waterfall, an attempt to get honey from bees, and so much more. Truly amazing <3



Wichai and Naiyana are the best host. They are patient and they really take care of their volunteers. Wichai like to work and teach how to work to the volunteers working with him. This place is quiet, in the middle of the jungle and my experience was amazing. Thank you so much Naiyana and Wichai 😘



Really nice and calm place, I learned a lot from Wichai and Naiyana, they are really nice and fun with another volunteers 😉wish I could back again



I really liked my staying . The hosts are very nice and the volunteers are friendly. Learned a lot with witchai and nayana. I recommend everyone who looks for some chill place and exchange of culture. I want to come back sometime.



Amazing days I spent there. Ananya and Wichai are friendly people. Nayanah knows too much about Thai Food and some days, she teached us how to make some Thai foods. I really loved the place, beucause there we can make new friends, we can learn new things with friendly couple.
The job there is same what they said.. We always started it at 9:00 a;m and finished it at 12:00 a.m. with some breaks to have funny and talk about something... I really have good memories about that time...
The place where we stayed is so amazing. There are some animals and you can spend a good time there.



Great experience, would go back again. I think we've been able to contribute to the project. I met new people, new cultures, a little about Thailand, different foods and delicious. It was wonderful to share with everyone. Thank you very much, Wichai's and Naiyana



Naiyana and Wisai are lovely people with a lot of experience with volunteering. This place is in the middle of the jungle next to palm tree and rubber tree plantations therefore you can see&hear many animals and insects. The campground is beautiful and they do it with a lots of love. While our staying we had much fun & Naiyana showed us some different Thai food. Wisai collect lots of things and try do reuse/recycle them for other things.
At this place is also a lake & you can play volleyball or badminton in the upper part of the campground. I wish them both all the best&love. =)


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