Prepare drinks/party with guests/be a tour guide in Rio

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first of all, we need SOCIAL, PROACTIVE and RESPONSIBLE people! -bar -tour guide -partying with guests -helping us selling dinner and drinks -working in our parties in the hostel (bar or kitchen) We also have places for gardening/kitchen/yoga/carpenter. So if you are good in these areas you can also help us! Just keep in your mind that we really need people who likes to party and also can really work!

Como você ajuda

24 horas por semana

Artes: Ajude pintando, esculpindo ou desenhando.

Guia local: Ajude a organizar e guiar tours pela cidade.

Organizar Eventos e Festas: Ajude a organizar e promover festas e atividades sociais.

Bartender: Prepare e sirva drinks e ajude a organizar estoques.

O que você recebe

3 dias livres por semana


Inglês Intermediário ou Espanhol Intermediário

Nacionalidades: todas menos Brasil

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


This is a relaxing hostel during the day, during the night we have dinner and happy hour. In the weekends we host brazilian parties.
Here you can use your free time to relax by the pool, go to the beaches, watterfalls, discover the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro.
We are very flexible in things that you can help us, but you also have to be (sometimes your days of work can change because of our activities, but you will never work more than 24 hours/week!).
You can help us with social media,photos, being a tour guide, helping in the bar, kitchen, preparing the dinner, gardening, carpentry, doing yoga classes. But once again we are really looking for party and social people, people who will help us bringing the guests to the bar, selling our drinks, going out with then to the parties. If thats not your style don't aplly! If is, then get in contact we will love to have you here with us :)

Atividades & Turnos

6 hours day, 4 days per week.