Volunteer in non-profit vegan pizzeria and cultural center

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We are an autonomous project that supports community projects and the people who work in them. We are working toward a sustainable urban village, along with federated collectives in the neighborhood. Our non-profit vegan pizzeria is an international cultural center in this neighborhood that donates profits to other NGOs concerned with animal rights, ecology, sustainability, climate activism and community building. We host a wide range of events.

Como você ajuda

25 horas por semana

Preparar Refeições: Prepare aquele rango gostoso para hóspedes.

Ajudante de Cozinha: Ajude a preparar, finalizar e servir refeições.

Bartender: Prepare e sirva drinks e ajude a organizar estoques.

O que você recebe

2 dias livres por semana

Quarto privado: Você terá uma cama em um quarto privado, ou seja, um quarto só para você

Café da manhã: Você ganha café da manhã gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Almoço: Você ganha almoço gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Jantar: Você ganha jantar gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Lavanderia gratuita: Você pode usar nossa lavanderia gratuitamente.

Drinks de graça: Ganhe free drinks ou bebidas.

Festas de graça: Ganhe entrada gratuita para as melhores festas da cidade.

Eventos de graça: Ganhe entrada gratuita para os melhores eventos da cidade.

Pub Crawls: Participe dos nossos pub crawls pelos bares da cidade!

Bicicletas à vontade: Use nossas bikes à vontade, quando quiser.

Aulas de Yoga: Participe gratuitamente das aulas de yoga no nosso espaço.

Aulas de idiomas: Participe gratuitamente das aulas de idioma no nosso espaço.

Certificado: Ganhe um certificado de conclusão quando for embora.


Inglês Intermediário

Tem que ter pelo menos 24 anos

Recebe voluntários sozinhos, casais e duplas de voluntários

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


Volunteers participate in a non-profit, volunteer-run vegan pizzeria and cultural center.

In this project, we are aiming to generate 500 €/month to fund non-profit projects, events and organizations. The main topic is "sustainability in an urban context", so (educational) events and projects must have something to do with ecology, veganism/animal rights/organic food, healthy food, resilience, urban gardening, degrowth/anti-consumerism, DIY-culture, climate change etc.

The place is entirely run by volunteers from abroad and from Leipzig who make vegan pizzas and organize events (like educational workshops that are offered for free or donation based to the public; parties and concerts to raise money for non-profit organizations based in Leipzig, DIY-workshops on how to build or repair cool stuff at home etc.). Customers vote where the money will go to next donation round.

Atividades & Turnos

Volunteers helps us a maximum of 25 hour week, five days per week, including house chores that all house members (cooking, cleaning, shopping). The minimum stay is 3 weeks because training and introducing people to the house takes time. We prefer longer stays :-)

The pizzeria is open 18:00-22:00, Tuesday through Saturday. Mondays: Deep Cleaning together and plenary. Each shift is 2,5-3 h; volunteers decide together which shifts they want to take. Usually volunteers learn both to run the bar and the kitchen. In the kitchen, volunters prepare all ingredients for the night, bake pizzas on demand and clean up at the end of the shift. At the bar, volunteers explain to customers how they can order, they take orders, prepare drinks, serve pizzas and handle the money. At the end, they calculate the sales and clean up. Both areas are very easy to learn and fun, you never work alone.


It is important to know that we can only fund your stay helping in the pizzeria if you are willing to either host a lecture or workshop. This is due to legal requirements, but we are genuinely interested in self-help/education, and the residents also participate.

Topics that volunteers have hosted before as a lecture or workshop:
- Vitamin B12 – what is it good for?
- Radioactivity – how does it work?
- Permaculture introduction
- understanding statistics
- feminism in science
- how to make home made oat milk
- vegan cooking
- pancake meet-up

The range of topics is open. For a time, we hosted a “Slice of Science” series in which short presentations of some science or technology topics were given. DIY lectures/workshops are possible, like how to make soap or hygiene products. You can ask for advice or ideas for topics or you can propose a topic yourself. English is fine.