Home Cooking Workshop in Malaysian cuisine


We are a family who welcome travelers from anywhere in the world to come to us, stay with and dine with us. Our new residence is almost in the heart of Malacca town. Our home cooking workshop is huge and amazing 7-8 dish hands-on program. We invite you to join for attending this food experience. We will give you free accommodation for guests who attend our cookery. Free bike, free pick-up, free 24 hour WIFI, free breakfast, free dinner and more.

Como você ajuda

5 horas por dia

Consertar & Construir: Dê uma mão com qualquer tipo de reparo.

Pintar & Decorar: Ajude a manter a beleza interna e externa do lugar.

Ajuda na limpeza: Ajude a limpar cozinhas, quartos, banheiros e outros espaços.

O que você recebe

2 dias livres por semana

Quarto privado: Um quarto privado para relaxar e ter um tempo para você.

Café da manhã: Você ganha um café da manhã daqueles pra começar o dia.

Almoço: Você ganha um almoço delícia diariamente.

Lavanderia gratuita: A lavanderia é por nossa conta.

Bicicletas à vontade: Use nossas bikes à vonts, quando quiser.


Inglês Intermediário

Entre 22 e 50 anos

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


For volunteers, we will accommodate our condo nearby with facilities of swimming pool, gym, tennis court, 24 WIFI, bikes to ride.

We need volunteers who are expert in CARPENTRY, SEWING, MASONRY WORK, and House Repairs.

For other guests who has no time to volunteer, we will give them free accommodation if they are participating our HOME COOKING WORKSHOP and COOKING CLASS that we provide. Our cookery program is not free but we will tell the latest price range.

Guests who pay full home cooking workshop can stay free one night at our condo. Our home cooking workshop program is huge one session that we provide 7-8 dish cookery program and here is listed:

1. IKAN ASSAM PEDAS: This Spicy Sour Fish is most popular in Malacca and also in every state in Malaysia, we can replace the fish for okra and long beans if you are vegetarian.
2 KARI AYAM: Malaya Chicken Curry is another main national di

Atividades & Turnos

For volunteers, we need one or two persons who can repair minor things in the house, little welding if you can, making couches from wood and fabrics, and cleaning the area of the houses.


No alcohol in the house
No drugs
No smoking in the house
dress nicely if possible
3 days minimum work required